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Online Rsvp Form Template

Are you planning an event, wedding, conference, seminar, or a closed party? Use this customizable RSVP form template by Formplus to manage guests reservation. This RSVP form template can be used to collect Name, Email, Phone Number, collect more information about your guests and most importantly, confirm their attendance.

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Create Private RSVP Forms

You might want to restrict access to your RSVP form. It is possible with Formplus. This means that only you, team members and those you invited to the form can view or fill out a private form. Get more RSVPs with the form template now!

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Use Autoresponder on RSVP Form

After filling the RSVP form, it is possible your guests ask ‘what next?’ You can send a submission confirmation message to your guests after they have successfully submitted the RSVP form to keep them in the loop. This confirmation message can be customised and you can include the form respondents submitted a response in the email. You can send multiple autoresponder emails to RSVPs. This option enables you send an email confirmation to an email address different from that of your respondent.

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Use Conditional Logic on RSVP Forms

With Conditional Logic, you get to create a more concise and smarter RSVP form, giving your guests a shorter and more intuitive form. This feature helps you do this by keeping away questions not relevant to a guest, by using form rules and logic. You can show and hide fields based on a previous answers selected

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Attract more RSVPs with colorful online forms

Formplus’ Form Customization can help you maintain brand consistency through a variety of beautifully designed form themes. So, if the default theme doesn’t fit your style, change it. The live preview tool will let you see your changes so you can experiment to find the best form theme for your organization. You can choose from a list of over 100 Google, adjust the size and the color, recreate the buttons, the width and background color of your RSVP form. Complement your website’s design with a similar layout and a background color that matches your brand. You can add your own CSS to customize the online RSVP form to suit your style.

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Use Offline Submission For Your RSVP Form

The RSVP form can be filled without an internet connection. This comes by default and you do not need to enable any option or install any application to make this work. The online form automatically detects when there is poor network connectivity and allows the form to be submitted offline. It therefore means that you can have people RSVPs submitting responses from places with poor connectivity etc, The performers only have to fill in their responses and the form responses are synced automatically when the device is back online.

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Redirect Guest After Form Submission

The RSVP form is your first touchpoint, so give guests more information (like a lineup of activities, speakers, performers at the event) after they have filled the RSVP form by redirecting them after submission. This way, you can build on RSVPs natural interest. All you need to do is enter the valid URL of the website you would like to redirect your guests to in the Redirect to field.

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Streamline Data Efficiently with Form Analytics

To help you gather useful insights from your RSVP forms, Formplus gives you detailed analytics of received data. So for each RSVP form, you can view metrics like unique views, conversion rate, and abandonment rate. Added to this is Formplus’ reporting tools which builds custom visual reports. Just choose which form field you want to display, and instantly view them in various chart types. Then, export received data in CSV, DOCx or PDF format or simply print it out.

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Add a professional touch to your RSVP form

Use a branded URL to promote trust among RSVPs, which encourages them to share your story, and the RSVP form, with others. This means that the link can be edited to include your brand name. Logos also help to market your organization. It is a brand identifier and can be added to your RSVP. Simply upload your logo and place at the top of the form. You have an image that is related to the event or your organization? With Formplus, you can upload this image and use as background in your RSVP form.

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Invite Guests for RSVP via Email

Send email invites to guests in an easy and faster way, with Email Invitations. This can also be used to track RSVPs. To use this, upload your contact list to Formplus and send out your RSVP invite via email. You can then track their responses as they come in and follow up with those who don’t respond to the RSVP.

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Receive Responses Directly on Google Sheets

In place of manually updating spreadsheets with details of responses, Formplus’ Google Sheets integration has made it easier to automatically receive submissions in. You either choose to view responses in Google Sheets only, or in Formpluss. You can, therefore, collaborate easily with your team members as you can share the document as soon as it created. All you have to do is connect your Google account to the online audition form and you are in.

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Collaborate with Team Members with Formplus

Collaborate with your team members on the RSVP form and create streamlined workflows to reduce stress and improve efficiency. You can invite team members via email and delegate duties according units for the event. With an ‘Audit Trail’, you will be able to manage activities of invited team members, which means that you still have control over your account.

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Embed your RSVP form to get more Responses

Created an RSVP form? Now copy the link and embed in your website. Or embed in your Facebook page. You can also share to Twitter, LinkedIn. Download the link to the RSVP form as a QR code and place on smartphone accessible platforms including business cards, boards and more.

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