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Rotary Club Membership Form Template

Use this Rotary Club Membership Form to recruit new members into your club. With this application form, rotary clubs can ask the right questions to know applicants’ intentions, why they are interested in joining your rotary club, previous club affiliations, etc. This form can be customized to suit your rotary’s needs. Get started with this free template today!

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Are looking to attract new members to your forum and you are trying to figure out the best way to get it done? Look no further, Formplus has got you covered. Our membership form templates are ready to use and customizable based on your preference. You can collect all the information you want from your proposed members irrespective of their location, and accept membership fees via a payment integration platform directly to your bank account. 

Best of all, the membership forms are code-free and all you need to do is embed them into your website or social media channels and voila, you are good to go!

How Do You Create a Membership Form?

First impression matters and the way you create your membership forms can provide insight into the way your organization is run. Hence, it's best to refrain from membership application/registration forms in Word or PDF formats, as this means your forms have to be printed and distributed physically which limits your reach. 

The best solution is an online membership form, and Formplus has made the process a piece of cake. To create your membership form, all that is required is for you to sign up here for free to use any of our pre-existing, ready-to-use membership forms templates. 

The templates can be edited to include any other field you want to be covered in your membership form. Membership fees, donations, or any other dues can be collected via our membership form.

 In addition, the membership forms can be distributed via an array of sharing options; from QR codes to email links, embedding it on your website or social media channels - it's all sorted with Formplus membership forms.

What Should Be on a Membership Form?

Ideally, the components of a membership form vary from one organization to another, however, there is a general standard acceptable for a membership form. You can now decide to build or expand on that based on your unique requirements.

The components  of the membership form are ;

  • The type of membership and the requirements to join (education, designation, work experience, etc)
  • The applicable membership fees
  • Terms and conditions
  • Bio Data
  • Contact Information

What is the Membership Application Form?

A membership application form (or membership form) is a document created by organizations to gather required or relevant information from aspiring members. It usually contains requirements, personal information, and any other details needed to qualify for acceptance. The essence is to provide the necessary information to attract new members and also know if the prospective members meet all the criteria necessary for acceptance into the organization.

What is Membership Registration?

Organizations use a membership registration form to collect information from prospective members who have met the terms required to join a group or a forum. The membership registration form confirms an acceptance into the organization. 


With any of the free membership application or registration forms templates, you can collect all the information you need from your intended members on your website today. 

How Do I Make a Consultation?

A consultation helps you gather information from your client to understand their needs and proffer the right product. With Formplus, making a consultation just got easier. Whatever your business niche, wedding planning, massage services, beauty spa, or medical services.

Formplus has got you covered; there is a template for everyone. We have a wide assortment of consultation templates designed to help you conduct professional and detailed consultations that save time and delight your clients. 

What is a Medical Consultation Form?

A medical consultation form is a questionnaire used by medical professionals to gather information about a patient's health, past medical experiences, and lifestyle. This is all in a bid to ensure there is enough information that can be used to provide the best treatment options suitable for the patient.


Consultation forms are an efficient tool to grow your business and expand your clientele. Clients can schedule and register for sessions with you online. With the secure storage options offered by Formplus, client information can be stored and accessed in real-time from any location.

 All our consultation forms are editable, using a code-free drag-and-drop form builder. Best of all, these forms integrate seamlessly with payment gateways like PayPal, Stripe, etc. You can accept payments with any of our consultation forms directly linked to your bank account. 

Sign up here to get started with your consultation form.

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