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Free Restaurant Feedback Form Template

Use this restaurant feedback form to receive accurate feedback on your customers' dinning experience. Gather relevant information about the efficiency of your staff, service delivery, your strengths and weaknesses, etc., and make smarter business decisions. Provide better customer service by knowing their thoughts on your food, location, settings and overall quality.

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Free Restaurant Feedback Form Template template

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Tips For Using the Restaurant Feedback Form Template


Successful businesses in the food space thrive on customer feedback and the easiest way to get customers' feedback is by asking. What better way to ask than via a well-designed restaurant feedback form? Formplus offers a free restaurant feedback form that is customizable, easy to use, and integrates seamlessly with other 3rd party apps.

With our restaurant feedback from. you can get the true picture of your customer's experience, get real-time data on the level of service your staff provides and ultimately make smarter informed business decisions based on the feedback gathered.

What is Customer Feedback in a Restaurant?

Customer feedback in a restaurant refers to the information gathered from customers on their experience with the food, service, ambiance, and total experience in a specific restaurant. The essence of the feedback is to help the restaurants see how well they are doing and also help them identify areas where they need to step up their game.

What Should I Write in a Feedback Form?

Here are some tips to guide you when designing your feedback from. 

  • Begin with open-ended questions to allow room for detailed responses.
  • Keep the questions short and direct to void ambiguity.
  • Desist from using a leading question, that may affect the customer's responsibility.
  • Create room for additional comments and suggestions.
  • Remember to say thank you to the customers for the time taken to complete the form.

How to Create a Restaurant Feedback Form

Creating a restaurant feedback form is an excellent way to get information from your customer on their perspective of a restaurant.

Here are some steps you can adopt to create a restaurant feedback form.

First things first determine the area of feedback you would want to get, is it on the total experience or specific aspects of your restaurant?

Once you have decided log in or sign up to Formplus to access our free customer feedback form template that includes all the necessary questions in a restaurant feedback form.

Our forms are code free and easy to use, and our Kanban-style drag and drop from builder allows you to edit the form to include any other details or simply match the theme colors/fonts of your brand.

The next step is to share your restaurant feedback by either embedding it on your website, via an email link, or QR codes on your restaurant menu.


In conclusion, restaurant feedback forms are a vital tool in improving or providing an awesome customer experience. This is so because by asking questions on specific aspects of your restaurant you can glean valuable insight that would give you an edge over the competition. Sign up with Formplus, today to create your restaurant feedback form template. 

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