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Report A Bug Form Template

Let customers or colleagues report bugs or issues with your online services with this report a bug form template. Formplus allow you to manage complaint data and get real time issues in your mail. Signup to get started now.

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Tips For Using the Report a Bug Form Template

Bugs are inevitable, especially in the development stage. However, when they slip through the cracks and your application goes live with them, it disrupts the user's experience and can cause you to lose them.

A bug report form helps quality assurance professionals and users identify errors and send them to the development team for resolution. It creates a standardized format for reporting bugs and allows you to track their status.

Here’s a guide to help you build effective bug report forms with Formplus: 

What Is a Bug Report Form?

A bug report form is a document that describes an issue or defect in the software. It allows users and quality assurance testers to report bugs.

Typically, bug report forms include fields for information such as the date and time the error occurred, the steps to reproduce the issue, the software version, and the severity of the bug. 

With well-written bug report forms, developers and testers communicate effectively about software errors, allowing them to find solutions quickly.

How Do You Write a Bug Report?

Step 1: Select the report bug form in the Formplus template library

Step 2: Sign in or create an account with formplus

Step 3: Edit and customize the form. You can add or remove fields, branding assets, and more.

Step 4: Set up notifications, and other settings.

Step 5: Share the form with users and testers. You can embed the form on a webpage, social media, QR code, or via email.

Where Do I Report a Bug?

Typically, companies have a dedicated bug report form on their website. When you click on the report error/bug icon on the page, it will redirect you to the bug report form.

If you can't find the bug report form, you can send an email with screenshots to the company's support.

How Do You Write a Bug Report for an Application?

The main goal of a bug report is to help developers effectively locate errors and resolve them. Here’s what your bug report should contain:

  • Type of Device and OS

Adding information about your device helps developers identify if the error is related to a specific device or operating system.

  • Steps to Reproduce the Error

Give a roadmap of how you encountered the error, it helps developers identify and locate the exact cause of the error, which makes it easier to fix.

  • Include Screenshots

If possible, include screenshots of the error or issue. This can help developers identify what went wrong and can make it easier to reproduce the error.

Is Bug Report a Document?

Yes, a bug report is a document. It records and outlines the details of the error or issue encountered by the software tester or user.

A bug report is more than just a document; it is a process. It covers the entire process of identifying, reporting, tracking, resolving, and verifying bugs in software. It's a major part of a larger system that helps developers in creating highly efficient applications.

With the Formplus report a bug form, you can improve your users' experience and make it easier to resolve errors. Sign up to get started.

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