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Repair Request Form Template

The Repair request form is a standard service form that can be used by employees in a company or organization to request for repair of a machine or a vehicle. This form can be used to gather relevant information such as the employee’s name, details of the repair request and the priority level of the request. This easy to use form can be customized by using Formplus tools to suit your company’s style and preference.

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Tips For Using the Repair Request Form Template

Online request forms allow you to conveniently collect, process, and make requests from organizations or people. It is a cost-effective, fast, and flexible method of processing requests.

Here's everything you need to know about request forms and some tips to help you create one in minutes with Formplus!

What Is a Request Form?

A request form is a document that is used to make an official request for a product, service, or information from an organization or person. It helps streamline the request submission and processing by collecting the data required by the individual or organization to fulfill the request.

Typically, companies use request forms to manage requests from customers, employees, and even stakeholders. For example, most organizations require employees to fill out a time-off request form and have it approved before taking a break from work.

What Are the Types of Request Forms?

  • Service Request Form

This is used to request a service from a person or organization, such as installation requests, repair requests, and so on. For example, most tenants fill out a yearly maintenance request form for the landlord to make repairs in their building.

There are various kinds of request forms; these are just a few of them. Formplus has 150+ customizable request form templates to help you collect and process requests efficiently.

How to Create a Repair Request Form

  1. Go to the Formplus request form library and select the “repair request form template
  2. Next, create an account with Formplus or log in to your existing account
  3. Edit the form by adding new fields and modifying the questions, then save.
  4. Go to the bottom left of the builder, and click “Intro page.”
  5. Next, toggle on the intro page. Add information that helps you state the purpose of the request, then save.
  6. After that, select “customize” to add your branding assets such as color, fonts, and logo.
  7. Preview the form to ensure it fits what you intended it to.
  8. Choose your preferred settings such as submission, notification, storage, etc.
  9. Share the form with the organization or individual via form link, social media, QR code, landing page, or email.


Whether you are an individual or a business, using online forms can help you streamline request processing. Start building powerful request forms effortlessly with any of Formplus's 150+ request form templates!

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