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Rental Application Form Template

Have a property or an equipment for rent? Use this online rental application form template to allow clients submit rent request for your property with proper terms of use. With our rental application form template, you can collect tenant data, payments and set binding rules with ease.

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Rental Application Form Template template

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Email Confirmation and Invitation

You can use email invitations to prevent multiple rental requests from the same individual. Email invitation allows you to track form submissions by allowing only one entry per email to prevent people from submitting multiple entries on your form. 

Use the email confirmation feature to send auto-responses to individuals who fill out and successfully submit your rental application form. You can customize your email auto-response to include information on further actions to be taken or your organization's contact details.

Create Beautiful Rental Application Forms

Tweak your rental application form through a range of form customization features in the form builder. With these, you can personalize your rental application form and make it to better reflect your company. 

Formplus customization options allows you to change your form's background image, color themes and add your rental company's logo to your form. You can also modify pre-built rental form templates, change your form layout, font and other styling options.

Secure Storage

With Formplus, you don't have to worry about losing the record of rent and lease application. We offer dynamic data storage options that allow you to store your form data on your preferred external cloud storage or in our secure servers. 

At present, Formplus supports 3 different external cloud storage options which are OneDrive, Google Drive and Dropbox. You can receive file uploads directly, organize them according to the applicant's details  and share with your team members.

File Upload Feature

With Formplus, you can receive unlimited file uploads in your online rental application form. You can directly embed file upload fields in your form and receive different file types of any size including photos and other documents needed to process rental requests. 

You can also name the files received by selecting specific form fields that can be used to rename files. With this, you can easily segment and handle files collected via your forms using these file names, and place them in specific folders in your external cloud storage system.

Collect E-Signatures

Add the digital signature field directly into your rental application form in the form builder to enable you to collect e-signatures from rental and lease applicants. The digital signature feature allows form respondents to formally authorize their rent and lease requests plus payments.

This feature is simple, dynamic and responsive on any device; whether laptop, tablet or smartphone. All received digital signatures are stored as images in your preferred external cloud storage, and you can organize them into folders and share them with your team members.

Rental Application Form Template

What is a rental application form?

Rentals application forms are used to collect details from prospective tenants who have shown interest in renting a property for either commercial or residential uses. It is used by landlords or property managers to get preliminary information on the individual interested in their property. The details collected with a rental application form are used to determine if the application to rent would be approved or not. To facilitate this process in a structured way. Formplus has created this easy-to-use rent application form template that can be easily; customized to meet your unique requirements.

How Can I Create an Online Rental Application Form?

Sign up to Formplus to access the broad array of template forms from the templates library.

Select the rental application from the templates by typing it into the search bar on the right.

The robust customization feature powered by the drag-and-drop form builder lets you add or include fields and even personalize the form to align with your brand identity.

Share the form with prospective tenants either via a QR code email link or by embedding the form on your website or preferred online channel.

With the Formplus smart notification systems. You get prompts in real time each time a candidate submits an application form for a quick and efficient process and feedback,

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