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Rent Verification Form Template

The rent verification form is a document designed for landlords to verify the previous rental information of prospective tenants. The past landlord can provide relevant information about the applicant such as the applicant’s monthly payment history, relationship with past neighbors, pet information, and so on. The information provided by the past landlord can assist you in making informed decisions when reviewing prospective tenants.

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Tips for Using the Rent Verification Form Template

Rental forms are designed to help property owners to collect the information they need from renters with ease. Using rental forms also enables property owners to clearly define the legally binding agreements they have with their renter.

While most people associate rent with only real estate, several industries provide rental services other than real estate. For example, clothing stores rent out clothing and accessories to customers.

If you rent out products or properties, rental forms are an efficient way to collect renter information, sign rental agreements, and keep track of the products/properties you've rented out.

Rent Verification Forms

Verify payments by using this verification of rent form for a mortgage. As a landlord, you can use this sample template to finalize the terms, conditions, and payments for a short vacation or term rental property. You can also edit this form on the builder to transform it into a monthly rent confirmation form.

Invite your legal representative to finalize the questions by adding them as a member of your team on Formplus. Get notified as soon as you get a response by turning on your email notification. Once all parties have appended their signatures, you can also send a copy of the custom document by using the documerge feature.

How Do I Write a Rental Agreement Form?

The simplest way to create rental agreement forms is to use pre-designed rental forms. All you have to do is select the most suitable rental form template and customize it.

You can also add digital signature fields to collect signatures from tenants, making your rental agreement legally binding.

What Is a Rent Application Form?

A rent application form is a document used by landlords to collect and verify information about prospective tenants. It typically includes personal information such as name, contact information, employment history, and rental history. 

Rent application forms help property owners make informed decisions about who they rent their property to by gathering information about a prospective tenant's ability to pay rent, credit history, and overall suitability as a tenant. 

Landlords can use the information gathered in the rent application form to perform background checks and verify employment and rental history, which can help them determine if a tenant is a good fit for their property.

For non-real estate rentals, the information collected is also similar but some things may vary depending on the kind of product or property a person is renting.

What Should I Include in a Lease Agreement?

A lease agreement is a legally binding contract between a landlord and tenant that outlines the terms of the tenancy. The following are the important things to include in your lease agreement form:

Property Details

Make sure to include the property address and a detailed description of the property when creating your lease agreement form.

Lease Duration

Specify the lease's start and end dates, as well as the notice period required to terminate the tenancy. Also include reasons why you may terminate the tenancy early.

Rent Amount and Due Date

Clearly state the rent amount, payment due date, and any late fees or penalties.

Security Deposit

Include the amount of the security deposit, the purpose for which it can be used, and any conditions for its return.

Utilities and Maintenance

Specify which utilities and other expenses (such as property taxes or parking) are the responsibility of the tenant. Also, explicitly state who is responsible for the rental property's maintenance and repairs.

Rules and Regulations

Disclose any rules and regulations regarding the use of the property, such as quiet hours, pets, and others. Also, state the actions you would take if the tenant violates these policies.


This is the legally binding component of your lease agreement. Both you and your tenants must sign the lease agreement to indicate your acceptance of its terms and conditions.

Can I Download a Tenancy Agreement Form?

Sure, you can! All you have to do is create a PDF copy of the agreement and print it. We have a user-friendly pdf builder that allows you to create and download documents such as rental agreements, legal contracts, and more. 

You could also send the form to your landlord or tenant via email, QR code, or the form link.

Why Use Formplus Rental Forms?

We've done the heavy lifting of researching and creating rental forms that include all of the information you need from tenants. All you need to do is add custom fields like your property name, description, and others.

You can also securely collect security deposits and rent fees from tenants and customers with our Stripe and Paypal integrations.

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