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Reference Request Form Template

Employers use a reference request form to collect new employees' references when joining their organization. You can use this reference request form template to allow your new employees to submit their references' names, contact information, identity details, etc. This form also allows references to upload any file type, e.g. Identity card through the form. Get started with this free template today.

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Tips For Using the Reference Request Form Template

Need to verify new employees’ information? Reference request forms allow you to collect information about new employees from their references. 

It allows you to collect information about a candidate's previous job experience, relevant skills, and even their relationship with coworkers and managers. The primary goal of reference request forms is to help you streamline the hiring process and make informed hiring decisions.

What Is a Reference Request Form?

A reference request form is a document that employers use to collect information about applicants from their references. You can use the form to find out the candidate's work history, job performance, and personal qualities.

The information collected through reference checks can help you make informed decisions about which candidates to hire for open positions. Aside from employment, reference request forms can be used in the admissions process for educational programs, internships, and others.

How Do You Write a Reference Request?

Step 1: Go to the reference request form template

Step 2: Create a formplus account or sign in if you already have one

Step 3: Edit the form questions to fit your organization and job details.

Step 4: Customize the form’s design by adding logos, color, font, and other branding assets.

Step 5: Choose your preferred settings- submission notification, form privacy, autoresponder, and others.

Step 6: Share the form with the candidate and their references via email, or social media. You can also embed it on a webpage.

What Is a Reference Form Used For?

  • Information Collection and Verification

A reference form helps you to verify a candidate's credentials, work history, and fit for a role. It helps you understand how well a candidate would fit into your organization.

It can also help you prevent employment fraud by allowing you to confirm with candidate references if they were sincere about their experience and qualifications.

  • Decision Making

Reference forms also help you to make informed decisions about your hiring process. 

You can verify a candidate's qualifications and gain a better understanding of their character and work ethic from their references. This helps you filter out candidates that don’t fit your company culture or do not suit the role.

  • Legal and Compliance

In some industries, such as positions requiring security clearances or background checks, reference forms may be required by law or regulation. It helps you avoid potential legal or reputational issues that can come with poor hiring decisions.

Want to hire a candidate that fits into your open roles perfectly? Get started with the Formplus reference request form template.

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