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Raffle Signup Form Template

Get more signups for your raffle draw with this free raffle signup form. The multiple Formplus sharing options allow you to reach a wider audience and increase response rates on your form.

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Raffles have become popular and are perceived as a fun and exciting way to either make money, promote a product, engage with customers, or simply raise money for a cause. Organizing a successful raffle is much more than assigning a prize and promoting it. It requires proper structure and documentation for a transparent and hitch-free process.

Our raffle sign-up form solves the problem of proper documentation and ensures that your raffle sign-up form reaches a wider audience, which would increase response rates in the forms are shared online. With zero coding skills you can customize our raffle sign-up form to your heart's content and your raffle sign-up form can be shared across various platforms with our advanced sharing feature. 

Be it your social media channels, via email links, or a QR code, Formplus raffle sign-up forms can reach your target audience wherever they are.

How to Create a Raffle Sign-up Form

Creating a raffle form just got easier with Formplus. We have created a free raffle sign-up form template for our users. All you have to do is sign up or log in to your  Formplus account to access the Raffle Sign-up Form template that can be tweaked to suit your unique preference, from style to color font and theme, or to include more fields and categories.

Best of all, you can receive payment for your raffle ticket straight from the raffle sign-up form template. Formplus boasts of a robust payment integration system that lets you receive payment from our raffle sign-up form directly to your bank account. 

What Details Should I Include in My Raffle Sign-up Form?

When creating your sign-up form the following details should be included;

  • The prize: Specify what the participants would win upon participation, the true value, and any other relevant detail.
  • The entry cost to participate in the raffle; Is free, and is there a fee, all these details should be covered in your raffle sign-up form.
  • The requirements for winning: Should be spelled out. This transparency would evoke trust and more participants would be encouraged to participate.
  • The time frame; The deadline for entry should be specified in your communication.
  • How will the winner be notified? This is the last step, as participants need to know all the details of redeeming their prize as well as the terms and conditions. 


A well-structured raffle sign-up is necessary for a successful raffle. With Formplus, all the requirements of a standard raffle sign-up form are included in our templates. Sign up with Formplus today to get started.

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