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Pto Request Form Template

Create a PTO Request Form so that your employees can easily submit their paid time off requests online. You can also keep track of a contractor's time off from work helping you meet deadlines and keep your business running smoothly!

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Submission Deadline and Limit

Deadlines are a great way of ensuring that your employees submit their PTO request form on time and the HR team is able to process their payment early. When you set a submission deadline for your PTO form, employees are automatically prevented from making submissions.

You can implement this by setting an opening and closing date for PTO request form submission every month. 

This is especially useful for hourly-paid workers who have to turn in their work timesheet before their payment is processed monthly. The PTO form will stand in for the hours missing in their timesheet.

Email Notifications and Autoresponders

Get notified immediately an employee submits their PTO request form so that it can be processed on time. You can turn on email notifications for Managers and specific members of the HR team.

This notification can be customized such that it is received daily, weekly, monthly, annually, etc. as the case may be. You can also send an automatic email with a custom message to employees once they successfully submit their PTO request form.

Seamless Digital Workflows

Experience flexible action automation on your PTO request form with Formplus Approval and Workflows

When your employees send their PTO request form for approval, the Manager can add some comments or request for changes before sending it to the HR personnel, who will either approve or reject the request. If there are any changes that need to be made by the employee before the request can be approved by HR, the PTO form can be easily sent back for review.

The process is entirely seamless, irrespective of how much back and forth is required before approval.

Form Fields: calculation, online signature, & repeating data

Keep track of the time your staff and contract workers spend off work with a PTO form that records all the required data. Use the available form fields to collect workers' details, including their signature to confirm their request.

Avoid errors when calculating total time spent on leave with a calculation form field that automatically calculates how many days of paid leave an employee has used out of his or her entitlement. It also calculates the number of days left, if any

It will also help you save time spent on reviewing PTO request forms before approval.

Smart forms: form lookup, Save and Resume, Digital Signatures

Make your PTO forms as smart as your employees by taking advantage of the available Formplus features. You can save time spent on filling out your request form by auto-populating it with old data once an employee enters his or her email address.

Employees can also save their progress when filling the form and resume later. An employee may need to continue later due to the inability to access some information (including documents) requested for in the PTO request form.

Beautifully Designed Forms and Surveys

Allow your employees to easily request paid time off with this beautifully designed PTO request form template. You can create an easy to navigate and user-friendly form that makes the request process an easy one. 

Use the customize feature to beautify your PTO request form by using your brand colors, fonts, and background images. There is also an option for you to add a custom CSS to further tweak the form and make it more visually appealing.

Analytics and Reports

Receive up to date reports on the amount of time full-time employees and contract staff spend working for your company. You also receive reports on the average time worked by each employee, aiding the process of evaluating each employee's performance.

The Formplus Analytics will also give you a proper insight into the overall performance of the departments in your organization. You get information like the average hours worked by the members of the department and their pay.

With this, you can easily identify departments in need of new employees and those that should be rewarded with a salary raise or bonus.

Email invitations for personalized invites and tracking

You can send personalized invites to employees, prompting them to fill the PTO request form. This personalized invite contains a unique link for each employee to fill out and submit their request form. 

Through these personalized invites, you can ensure that employees do not submit their PTO request form multiple times. The unique link will be automatically tracked and submissions will be recorded, preventing employees from submitting another request form once they’ve made their submission.

Google Sheets Integration

Instantly forward your PTO request form submissions to Google Sheets without having to import from your cloud storage. You can also easily collaborate with other members of your team who also work on employees’ requests.

For example, if an employee requests for a PTO, the Manager will confirm if there is a project yet to be completed by the employee before issuing an approval. Simultaneously, the HR person will check the employee’s file to confirm if he or she is still entitled to a paid leave for the year or not.

Form Sharing

Make your PTO request form easily accessible to employees with the Form sharing option available on Formplus. You can generate a shareable link, copy, or share with your employees through email using the sharing button.

You can also generate a unique QR code for your PTO request survey and share it through email or to your organization’s online workspace. It can also be downloaded or printed and shared with the employees in each department.

That way, employees can easily scan and fill the form anytime they need to.

Export submissions as PDF/Docx

Keep a record of each employee's PTO request form by exporting their submissions as PDF or Docx. This will enable you to easily add the document to their company file. 

Therefore, you can save time spent on sorting through different databases when looking for information on a particular employee. Managers can also easily access this data in the employee's file during performance review for appraisal

File Uploads & Storage

Before approving a PTO request from employees, it is important to confirm that the leave was properly requested for and approved by the Manager. You can do this by requesting for some documents to be uploaded in the request form using the File Upload form field.

Employees can upload documents like paid leave request letter and previous PTO request form with their submission and it will be automatically stored in your cloud storage. You can choose one of Google Drive, Microsoft OneDrive, and Dropbox which is currently accepted by Formplus.

Teams & Collaboration

Carry important collaborators along when approving employees’ PTO requests using the multiple user feature. This feature allows you to add your teammates as users and assign roles to them.

Depending on each member’s role, you can give them limited access to particular files or folders. When rejecting an employee’s PTO request, you can also add comments to the submission, informing the employee why his or her request is being rejected.

Multi-page forms

Long forms with many fields are usually stressful and a bit difficult to fill compared to Multi-page forms. Therefore, it is advised that you organize your form into multiple pages when working with many form fields. 

Make your PTO request form more user-friendly by organizing it into multiple pages. You can do this by clicking on the "Add page" button in the online form builder, adding as many pages as you deem fit.

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