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Free Proxy Form Template

Let members or shareholders of your company appoint a proxy to act on their behalf during important meetings or elections with this proxy form template. Avoid verbal consent and use this proxy form to get valid assent to avoid legal troubles in the future.

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Proxy forms are used in instances where the expected or authorized individual is physically absent. This can be a result of different reasons from ill health to being out of or just outrightly busy. 

In cases like this, a proxy form is issued to someone else to represent you or act on your behalf. With the Formplus proxy form template, you no longer have to worry if your representative would be allowed to act on your behalf.

Our code-free, drag-and-drop form builder which lets you edit any of our form templates, to suit your preference, can aid you in creating your customized proxy form to be presented as a legal document authorizing the holder to act in your place. 

Best of all our forms can reach places, even when you can’t. That way you can share the forms with your rep and have them receive them in real-time irrespective of their location. 

What is a Proxy Form?

A proxy form is a formal document that allows an individual known as the proxy in this case to act on behalf of another person in a given situation. This authorizes the holder to perform specific actions and make decisions on behalf of the principal.

Who Can Use a Proxy Form?

A proxy form be used by anyone unable to attend an event or perform a specific action for any reason at all.

What are the Requirements For a Valid Proxy Form?

A proxy form is considered valid once it is clearly stated that the holder can act on behalf of the issuer in a specific role or function. Secondly, the name and signature of the issuer must be appended to the form.

How Do I Create a Proxy Form?

  • To create  a proxy form, follow these steps:
  • Sign up with formplus
  • Access your free proxy form template
  • Edit your form to include fields, and customize the form to your preferred theme, font size color, etc
  • Input your name and address.
  • Include the name and address of the person who will be acting on your behalf
  • Indicate the date of the meeting or action for which the proxy is being given.
  • Detail the purpose for which the proxy is being given.
  • Indicate any restrictions or limitations on the proxy holder's authority.
  • Append your signature.
  • Share the form, via an email link or QR code

Voila, you are done!


 A proxy form is a legal document that authorizes someone else to act on your behalf.T avoid verbal consent and issuing a valid approval with our free proxy form can save you from trouble in the future, sign up here with Formplus to customize your proxy form today.

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