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Probation Evaluation Form Template

The probation evaluation form is designed to review new employees’ performance and progress. This evaluation form can be used to highlight an employee’s weakness, strength and provide recommendation for improvement. This evaluation form can be edited to suit your desired style and purpose. Get started with this evaluation form template today

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Probation Evaluation Form Template template

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Probation Evaluation Form Template

What is the Probationary Period?

The probationary period is a defined timeframe during which a new employee's performance and suitability for a role are evaluated. It serves as a trial period, typically at the beginning of employment, during which the employer assesses the employee's capabilities and suitability for the job.

What is the Meaning of Probation Evaluation?

Probation evaluation refers to the process of assessing and reviewing an employee's performance and progress during the probationary period. It involves evaluating the employee's strengths, weaknesses, and overall performance to determine whether they meet the expectations of the role.

What is Probationary Assessment?

Probationary assessment is the systematic evaluation of an employee's performance, behavior, and overall contribution during the probationary period. This assessment helps employers make informed decisions about

whether to confirm the employee's permanent status or take other actions based on the evaluation outcomes.

How do You Write a Probationary Evaluation?

When writing a probationary evaluation, consider including the following elements:

  • Performance Goals: Evaluate the employee's progress in achieving performance goals set during the probationary period.
  • Skills and Competencies: Assess the employee's skills and competencies relevant to the job.
  • Communication Skills: Evaluate how well the employee communicates with colleagues, superiors, and clients.
  • Attendance and Punctuality: Assess the employee's attendance and punctuality.
  • Areas for Improvement: Identify areas where the employee can improve and provide constructive feedback.
  • Recommendations: Offer recommendations for development or further training if needed.

How to Create a Probation Evaluation Form using the Formplus Template:

  • Visit Formplus: Go to the Formplus website to create the form.
  • Select a Template: Browse the available templates or use the search feature to find a Probation Evaluation Form Template.
  • Customize the Form: Use the Formplus drag-and-drop editor to customize the template by adding or modifying fields based on the information you want to collect.
  • Evaluation Criteria: Include sections for specific evaluation criteria such as performance, communication, and attendance.
  • Rating Scales: Implement rating scales for each criterion to quantitatively assess performance.
  • Comments Section: Include open-ended comment sections for detailed feedback.
  • Recommendations: Create sections for providing recommendations for improvement or development.
  • Preview and Test: Before finalizing the form, preview and test it to ensure a user-friendly experience.
  • Publish and Share: Once satisfied, publish the form and share it with relevant stakeholders for completion.

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