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Free Prayer Request Form Template

Are you religious organization? Use this online prayer request form template to allow church members submit their prayer needs to the pastor online. This prayer request form helps your ministries collect all the necessary members data and give direct feedback. With Formplus builder, you can set an automatic form responses, use teams and workflow features to distribute types of request to residents priest with ease. Use this prayer request form template or signup to create your present religious prayer form without any coding experience.

Use this template



Free Prayer Request Form Template template



Custom Subdomain to Host forms

Make sure the name of your church is pronounced in the prayer request form registration link with a custom subdomain. With a custom Formplus subdomain, you can choose how you want your form link to be.

Rather than using the randomly generated domain, you can edit it by adding the name of your church.

This kind of customs domain is also very unique and can easily be remembered by members. They will send in their prayer requests before receiving an invitation.

Versatile Form Fields: Media Upload

Collect different kinds of prayer requests from your members with any of the numerous form fields offered by Formplus. Asides from collecting prayer requests with the long text form field, you can also allow respondents to upload audio and video.

The media file upload (video & audio) is perfect for members who face difficulty in perfectly expressing their prayer requests through text. It will, in fact, allow you to feel the emotion beyond the request and help you better understand the situation.

Prefilled forms and Email Invitation

Encourage your church members to send in their prayer requests by sending them personalized mail invites. With Formplus, you can appeal to the emotion of your members by sending a prefilled link of your prayer request form to all the members of your church.

When a member clicks on the link, it would have been prepopulated with some of the member’s information like name, email address, phone number, etc. This data is taken from one of the old data in your Formplus storage.

Smart Forms

Create smart forms that are capable of checking whether a respondent is a member of your church or not using the Form Lookup feature. This feature checks a respondent’s information from previously submitted forms, then automatically populates the data in the prayer request form if found.

You can also use the form logic feature to create a personalized experience for respondents. The prayer details form field may vary according to the kind of prayer request that is being made.

For example, if a member requests for the fruit of the womb, then a choice option can show asking the type of fruit they want (e.g. boy, girl, twins, etc.)

Redirect after submission

Redirecting your respondents to another page after prayer request submission is a great way of passing relevant information to them. You can redirect respondents to a page promoting a prayer service in your church, worship times, or a link for them to connect with you on social media.

The main aim of this should be about allowing them to learn more about your church. No restriction is placed on the kind of page that you can redirect your respondents to by Formplus.

This feature can be activated in the form builder settings.

Assure Members Their Prayer Will Be Completed

Put members' minds at rest by sending them an email assuring them that you have received their prayer requests and it will be completed. This will help relieve their burden and help them to be optimistic about God answering their prayers.

You can automate the process of sending this confirmation email in the Formplus online form builder. A custom message can also be added to this email with encouraging words to help boost members' faith.

The details of their request can also be added to the mail body by activating this feature in the settings.

Google Sheets Integration

Take up to date records of the prayer requests received from your members by connecting your google account to your Formplus account. This way, your Google Sheets workbook will be automatically updated with member's prayer requests.

This automated workbook updates will also enable you to effectively collaborate with other pastors that will help complete the prayer requests. They will be able to access the Google Sheet document and complete members' prayer requests.

Mobile-Friendly Forms and Multi-Page Forms

Make sure all your church members are able to make prayer requests online by creating a prayer request form that is accessible across all internet-enabled mobile devices. The prayer request form template provided by Formplus is mobile-friendly and editable.

It automatically adjusts to the screen size of the mobile phone without having to pinch or zoom the content. The form can also be organized into multiple pages to reduce psychological friction without overwhelming your church members. 

You can also create the form on the go with your mobile phone

Distinguish your Prayer Request Form

Enable your church members to be able to distinguish your prayer request form from others by adding your visual identity to the form. This includes your church logo, color, don't, images, etc.

This will enable members to identify their church's prayer request form. You can add all elements of your visual identity to your prayer request form using the inbuilt Formplus features.

Alternatively, you can add your own custom CSS to the form to further tweak the design.

Embed Forms and Multiple Sharing

Make sure that your prayer request form is accessible anytime by both new and old members by embedding it on your website. That way, members can also easily fill the form from your website. 

You can also try out other sharing options like Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, etc. that are readily available on the formplus builder. Email is also another interesting way of sharing the form link to your church members.

A QR code is also generated for all forms created in Formplus.

Complete Prayer Requests with other Pastors

It may be overwhelmingly difficult for you to complete the prayer requests made by all your members. However, you can make the task easy on you by collaborating with other pastors in your church to complete member requests.

You can easily do this by adding other pastors as users on your Formplus account. This way, they can also access the prayer requests made by members in real-time and complete them.

You can go further by delegating specific prayer requests to each pastor to avoid prayer repetition.

Submission Deadline and Limits

Set a submission deadline and limit to the number of prayer requests you complete over a period of time. This will help better manage the requests received and also ease the process of fulfilling members’ prayer requests.

You can organize prayer requests into cohorts, then set a submission deadline or limit to these requests depending on your capability. For example, if you can only handle 50 prayer requests per month, you will set the submission limit to 50.

The prayer request form will be automatically made inaccessible once 50 submissions have been made.

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