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Petty Cash Form Template

The petty cash form can be used by businesses to record and track minor expenses in the firm. With this form, employees can record expenses, including the date of the transaction, details of the transactions, and so on. The expenses recorded via this form can be auto-populated into a spreadsheet for easy access. You can also view visual reports of expenses in the form analytics section. Get started with this free template

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A petty cash form is a smart way of recording and tracking minor expenses in an organization. It helps businesses to have an accurate record of all their spending and keep a tab on everyday expenses.

 Our petty cash form is versatile, hence your employees can put in details of all their minor expenses and your account department can see all entries in real-time for quick approval and disbursements. All expenses recorded with our petty cash form templates can be automatically populated into a spreadsheet. 

That way you can see a holistic report of all your expenses in one glance with the visual reporting feature in the analytics section of your form.

Petty cash can aid in fraud detection and ensure that employees get proper approval before spending on any purchase.

Get started with this free template today by signing up.

What is a Petty Cash Form?

A petty cash form is a document used to record and track minor regular purchases made in a business or an organization. This form tracks all routine spending and ensures that they are properly accounted for.

 It provides details of what purchase was made, who approved it, the employee that made the purchase, and the date of purchase. document. The petty cash form is a smart way to prevent the misappropriation of funds in a business environment.

What is an Example of Petty Cash?

An example of petty cash expenses includes purchases like office supplies, refreshments, minor repairs, local transport costs, etc.

How Do I Create a Petty Cash Form?

To create a petty cash form follow these steps;

  • Create or sign in to your Formplus account
  • Access the free, easy-to-use petty cash form template
  • Customize the form with our code-free, kanban style drag-and-drop builder to include any fields (such as expense category, account code, vendor name, details of the approver, the name of the recipient of the funds, etc)based on your unique specification. 
  • Share the petty cash with your employees, by either embedding it onto your online channel, via an email link or QR code.

Best of all you can have a pictorial view of your petty cash expense month or month with our versatile reports and analytics feature.

With Formplus, it's that simple, and your petty cash form is ready. 


 A petty cash form is used to keep track of small purchases that could accrue significantly over time. It is important because it ensures proper accountability and keeps a detailed record of all expenses made in an organization, which is vital for transparency and proper cash handling.

With a petty cash form auditing your books is made easy and you can eliminate wasteful spending and inappropriate use of company funds. Get started with our free petty cash form template today and keep track of all your daily expenses.


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