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Personnel Requisition Form Template

Keep your HR Managers informed when a replacement is needed for an opening or the restructuring of a current position is required with this Personnel Requisition Form. Team leads can explain the need for the position, a description of the role, likely salary, and required skillset of the new recruit. Get started with this Personnel Requisition Form Template today.

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Tips For Using the Personnel Requisition Form Template

A personnel requisition form is a formal request for an organization to fill a vacant or new position. It enables organizations to request new hires in a streamlined and efficient manner.

With Formplus's customizable template, you can easily request and approve new hires. Learn more about personnel requisitions forms and how to create them with Formplus.

What Is Personnel Requisition Form?

A personnel requisition form is a document that team leaders and managers in an organization use to request the hiring of a new employee. It minimizes overhiring, speeds up the hiring process, and ensures compliance with company policies and regulations.

Personnel requisition forms ensure a structured and credible hiring process. This increases the chances of the organization hiring the best candidate for the job.

The forms describe the job opening, including the title, job description, department, salary range, and required qualifications. It could also contain information about the hiring process, such as the application deadline, the selection criteria, and more.

After managers or team leads submit the form to the human resources department. HR uses the form's content to kick off the recruitment process and find qualified candidates.

How Do I Write a Personnel Requisition Form?

  1. Open the Formplus personnel requisition form template.
  2. Next, sign up or log in if you already have an account with Formplus.
  3. Edit the template to fit the specific role. Fill in the job title, department, and required qualifications.
  4. Save form changes and customize the form's design to fit your company.
  5. Setup notification, form privacy, and other settings.
  6. Share the form with HR and hiring managers via email or other communication channels.
  7. Monitor responses and notifications to know when the personnel requisition gets approved.

Who Will Fill up the Personnel Requisition Form?

The personnel requisition form is typically filled out by a manager or supervisor within an organization who has identified a need for a new employee. This individual would complete the form to start the hiring process for a new position.


A Personnel requisition form enables team leads to loop in HR and hiring managers when recruiting for a new role. It also ensures the hiring process is compliant with company policies and regulations.

Need new employees in your departments? Submit your request to HR with Formplus’s personnel requisition form template.

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