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Personal Guarantee Form Template

The personal guarantee form is an official form that is used by an individual to stand in as a guarantor for another party’s personal loan. With this form, the guarantor can fill out their contact information, agree to the stipulated terms and conditions by uploading e-signatures. This form can be personalized by including the name of the parties, relevant laws of your State, and so on. Get started with this guarantee form today.

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Personal Guarantee Form Template template

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Personal Guarantee Form Template

What is a Personal Guarantee Form?

A Personal Guarantee Form is a legal document that an individual (the guarantor) uses to stand as a guarantee for another party's personal loan. By signing this form, the guarantor agrees to take responsibility for the debt if the borrower is unable to repay it. This form outlines the terms and conditions of the guarantee and is a crucial element in securing certain types of loans.

What is an example of a Personal Guarantee?

An example of a personal guarantee could be a business owner personally guaranteeing a loan for their business. In this case, if the business defaults on the loan, the individual (the guarantor) is personally responsible for repaying the debt.

What are the details of a Personal Guarantee?

A Personal Guarantee typically includes:

  • Guarantor Information: Full name, contact details, address, and other relevant personal information.
  • Borrower Information: Details about the party for whom the guarantee is being provided.
  • Terms and Conditions: Specific conditions under which the guarantor becomes liable, including the amount guaranteed and the duration of the guarantee.
  • Signatures: Space for signatures, including an option for electronic signatures.

Difference between a Personal Guarantee and a Personal Guarantor:

While the terms are related, a Personal Guarantee refers to the document outlining the commitment to repay a debt if the borrower fails to do so. A Personal Guarantor, on the other hand, is the individual providing that guarantee.

Risks of a Personal Guarantee:

  • Financial Liability: The guarantor is personally responsible for repaying the debt if the borrower defaults.
  • Credit Impact: If the borrower defaults, it can negatively impact the guarantor's credit score.
  • Legal Consequences: Failure to fulfill the obligations outlined in the guarantee may lead to legal action against the guarantor.

How to Create a Personal Guarantee Form using the Formplus Template:

  • Visit Formplus: Go to the Formplus website and choose the platform (web or mobile) on which you want to create the form.
  • Select a Template: Browse through the available templates and choose the Personal Guarantee Form Template.
  • Customize the Form: Use the Formplus drag-and-drop editor to customize the template by adding specific fields for guarantor information, borrower details, terms and conditions, and signatures.
  • Add Logic and Rules: Implement any necessary logic or rules to ensure accurate data input and compliance with legal requirements.
  • Preview and Test: Before finalizing the form, preview and test it to ensure that it functions correctly.
  • Publish and Share: Once satisfied, publish the form and share it with the parties involved in the personal guarantee agreement.

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