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Free Personal Biodata Form Template

Collect relevant information of your employees or partners with this personal biodata form template. Formplus stores collected data safely on your preferred cloud storage and has the ability to download these data as .csv or .pdf.

Use this template



Free Personal Biodata Form Template template



Document Merge

Adding your company's letterhead, signature, and other identifying features to your responses is easier with the document merge. All you have to do is create your personal biodata form in the Formplus form builder, then download a word document containing shortcodes of each form field.

Add anything else you will like to have in your personal biodata form to this document and upload it back into your form builder. By adding your signature and other company identities to your form, it endorses it.

Teams and Collaborations

Add your team members as users on your Formplus account to improve productivity and foster teamwork. With Formplus collaborating on tasks is made easier. 

You can assign roles to each team member by granting them access to specific files, folders, and data generated from your personal biodata form. This way, some team members can work on a part while others l work on another simultaneously.

As the administrator, you can monitor workflows, approve tasks, and view the audit trail to know who did what.

Analytics and Reporting

Get real-time reports on the submissions made to your personal biodata form with the Formplus Analytics and Reports. You get to view the responses made by respondents to each question on the biodata form.

You can also view analytics like the number of views on your form, completion rate, etc. If you would like to collect the personal data of all your employees, for instance, you can discover the ratio number of employees that have viewed the form to those who have made their submissions.

Form Fields

Collect name, email address, phone number, and all other required data using the dynamic form fields available in the Formplus form builder. These form fields offer input validation to make sure that respondents provide the correct information when filling the biodata form.

That is, when a respondent enters his name in the phone number field, the form will produce an error message. Similarly, when a phone number is entered in the email address field, there will be an error message.


Make it easy for respondents to fill in their details your personal biodata form with the form lookup field. This field looks up respondents' data from previously filled forms and auto-fills the biodata form with this data.

This will help save time spent filling the forms and will also increase response rates. All you have to do is add the lookup field in the form builder, then choose how you want the form lookup to work.

Autoresponder Emails and Notification to Others

Eliminate the uncertainty that will likely come to respondents' minds regarding whether their submission has been received or not with autoresponder emails. This email will let them know that their submission has been received and will be 

Team members are not left out as they get to receive email notifications for each submission made to the personal biodata form. You get to choose which of your team members should receive email notifications and also the frequency of the notification (i.e. daily, weekly, monthly, etc.)

Dynamic Prefill Form

Retrieve data from a spreadsheet or past records and pre-populate your personal biodata form as you please. This takes away the stress from your respondents since your biodata form will be automatically prefilled with the information you've collected from them in the past.

The personal biodata form can be used to update the information collected from past respondents. Businesses can use this personal biodata form template when updating employee information.

Some of the required updates include a change in marital status, change of name, a new degree, etc. You just have to send email invites to respondents with a link to the prefilled form.

Offline Form

Encourage more people to respond to your personal biodata form with the offline feature. This personal biodata template can be filled offline, making sure that even those with limited access to internet connection are not left out.

When a respondent opens the form on his device but eventually loses internet connectivity, the form can be filled and submitted offline pending the time connection is regained. The submission will be automatically synced when an internet connection is discovered.

Although this feature may not work on old browsers, it is effective on Google Chrome and some other browsers.

Form Customization

Add your logo, color, background images, and other visual identity elements to this personal biodata form template to make it yours. Asides making your form stand out and easily associated with your brand, customization can also be used to create beautiful forms.

Using the inbuilt customization options, you can beautify your forms to your satisfaction without any prior coding knowledge. For more design flexibility, you can use the custom CSS feature to add your own code to the form builder.

Mobile Friendly

Create a great experience for all your respondents with a mobile-friendly personal biodata form. This biodata form template Is compatible with all internet-enabled mobile devices, ensuring an awesome user experience. 

This Formplus template automatically adjusts to the size of the screen so that your respondents don't have to pinch or zoom to be able to make their submissions. You can also edit the template on your mobile phone

Intro and Post-submission Message

Let respondents know why you are requesting their personal information with an introductory message. If you are requesting for the personal data of your employees for their identity card, for instance, this is where you let them know.

After making their submissions, you can also add a post-submission message. This could be a thank you note for their willingness to share the information or more information on how and when they will get their identity cards.

Either way, you are free to add any information you deem relevant to the intro and post-submission message.

User Redirect

Do you have more comprehensive information to share with your respondents after form submission, then the user redirect is the perfect tool for that. You can redirect respondents to any website or social media page of your choice with this feature.

All you have to do is add the link in your form builder settings and respondents will be automatically redirected to this link post-submission. It is a great alternative to a call to action because some respondents will not respond to a call to action.

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