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Peer Evaluation Form Template

Use this online peer evaluation form template to allow co-workers or students who work together to assess the performance or attitude to work of their peers. Get started with this peer assessment form or sign up to customise the evaluation form to your taste.

Use this template



Peer Evaluation Form Template template



Private Forms

You can restrict access to your peer evaluation form by making it private so that only members of your Formplus shared account can have access to it. Private forms are most appropriate for internal administration as you can control who accesses them.

Email Notifications and Responders

After a new submission is successfully made in your form, you can confirm receipt of this entry via an autoresponder email. In the autoresponder message, you can include important information with regards to your peer evaluation process. 

Formplus also allows you to automatically send email notifications to stakeholders and form collaborators when your form receives new entries. You can create a schedule for these email notifications, that is, you can schedule the emails to be sent out on a daily or weekly basis

Approvals and Workflow

With Formplus, you can seamlessly manage communication processes with your team members via approvals and workflows. Formplus helps you to easily automate peer evaluation data-gathering processes, organize your team, and manage simple and complex workflows better.

Analytics and Reporting

Formplus has a form analytics dashboard that outlines interesting insights with regards to your data collection process. You can view important form metrics such as the total number of form submissions, total number of form views, and the physical locations for form submissions. 

You can also generate custom visual reports for your form using the reports summary tool. Simply click on the data or form field you want to create a report for and the Formplus reports summary tool will present it as a graph or chart.

Form Lookup

If you want to auto-fill your peer evaluation form with the data inputted in previous forms, Formplus lookup fields will help you achieve this. Form lookup enables you to cut down on the time spent in completing your form while improving your overall form response rates. 

Lookup fields scan through existing data to obtain relevant information contained in previously submitted forms, and these pieces of information are used to fill out the new form. The information obtained can be displayed as choice fields including basic select, multiple select, radio, and checkboxes, text fields, or number fields.

Beautifully-Designed Form

Create beautifully-designed forms that reflect your brand image using form customization in Formplus. Formplus has numerous form customization options that allow you to tweak the appearance of your peer evaluation form without delay.

You can change your form font, add your organization's logo to the form, and also add preferred background images; all without the knowledge of CSS. If you have knowledge of CSS, you can stylize your peer evaluation form, change the form layout, and modify the form theme.

Teams and Collaboration

Formplus makes it easier for you to collaborate with team members on forms, folders, and responses by adding them to a shared Formplus account. In this shared account, you can assign roles, grant permissions, and restrict access to form data as the account administrator. 

The Formplus shared account works with an audit trail that enables you to track any changes and suggestions made to your form. With teams and collaboration in Formplus, you and your team can organize and edit form data seamlessly.

Submission Deadlines and Limits

You can set a limit on the number of submissions that can be made in your peer evaluation form. Formplus also allows you to indicate when you would like to stop receiving new submissions in your form, that is, a submission deadline.

Files Upload and Storage

Formplus allows you to directly receive file uploads in your peer evaluation form through the file uploads fields available in the form builder. Formplus forms can be fitted with file upload fields that allow form respondents to submit relevant  files of any size in your form. 

In addition, you have the option of saving received files in your preferred cloud storage including Google Drive, Dropbox, and OneDrive, as an alternative to Formplus servers. You can also add rename fields to help you rename files uploaded by form respondents.

Personalized Invites

Formplus allows you to invite form respondents to fill out your peer evaluation form by sending out email invitations. With email invitations, you can track form submissions to know whether they are pending or completed, and you can also prevent multiple entries in your peer evaluation form. 

Once a form respondent accesses, fills out and submits your peer evaluation form template via the email invitation, you can prevent him or her from having further access to it. Multiple form entries from the same party can adversely alter your data collection process.

Mobile Forms

Formplus forms are user-responsive and they can be viewed and filled out on any internet-enabled device including your smartphone. Form respondents can conveniently complete your peer evaluation form from the comfort of their mobile devices without needing to pinch out or zoom in on it. 

You can also create your form on the go in the mobile-responsive form builder. Simply drag and drop your preferred form fields from the builder's inputs section to add it to your peer evaluation form; you can also click on form fields to add them to your form. 

Offline Forms

With the offline feature, you can collect new responses in your peer evaluation form without having access to the internet. This means that your data collection process does not have to be stalled by poor internet connectivity or lack of internet access. 

Offline form responses will be automatically synced with the Formplus servers immediately internet connection is restored. With offline forms, you can collect data from form respondents in remote areas and expand your reach on the target audience.

Exports and Submissions as PDF/DOCs Attachments

To make for efficient team collaboration and better data organization, Formplus allows you to export form data in a variety of formats. You can export form data in PDF and Docx formats, and you can also update form data in your Google spreadsheet. 

In email notifications and confirmation emails, you can include a copy of the form submission as a Docx or PDF attachment too. This way, form respondents and stakeholders can have access to the actual form submission(s) for future purposes.

Prepopulate Form from URL

Use the prefill tool in the form builder to generate a custom prefilled URL for each respondent and share it via email invitation. When the form respondent accesses the form via this URL, the peer evaluation form will be automatically filled out with information obtained via the link.

Form Sharing

Formplus presents multiple sharing options for you so that you can easily share your peer evaluation form without any hassles. If you want to gather responses from your social media audience, you can use the Formplus social media direct sharing buttons to share your form to Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter. 

Your peer evaluation form has a unique QR code that you can download and print out on business cards so that respondents only have to scan to fill. You can also send out email invitations to form respondents which helps you to monitor form submissions effectively.

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