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Paypal Order Form Template

Accept payments through Paypal for your goods and services with this paypal order form template. Share your order forms with customers through social media, email, or embed on your website to start receiving funds online.

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Paypal Order Form Template template

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Teams and Collaboration

Complete customer's order on time with  teamwork and collaboration on  Formplus. You can add employees or team members to your Formplus account for better customer service.

With the Teams and Collaboration feature, you can assign roles to each member and oversee their activities as the administrator.

Logic and field validation

Make sure you collect all the necessary information needed to complete customer's orders by adding validation to necessary form fields. If a customer omits a validated field, an error message comes up.

You can also include the form logic feature to control how the form reacts to the responses given by your customers. The logic feature is also great for creating a more user-friendly form. 

It prevents the Paypal order form from looking too bulky and reduces the form abandonment rate.

Customizable Forms

Beautify your order form using Formplus' easy-to-use customize section. Form customization is also a great way of promoting your brand identity.

You can include your logo, colors, and background image that depicts your brand.leaving a memorable user experience in the minds of your respondents 

For more flexible customization, you can add your custom CSS to the form. All this can be done in the Customize tab on the Form Builder.

email notifications

Send mail notifications to the team members who are in charge of completing orders immediately the order is placed. You can add specific team members to your email notifications list just to make sure they are aware of the new update.

A real-time email notification will help reduce order completion time and increase customer satisfaction. The email notification will contain a summary of the order attached as a PDF.

You can select the frequency at which you want these notifications — immediately, daily, weekly, etc

Secure Payment Forms

Protect your customers from credit card theft by using a secure platform to collect online payments into your Paypal account. The Formplus Paypal form template offers a secure Paypal integration that creates a win-win situation for you and your customers.

In just a few clicks, your customers can place their orders and make payments into your account. This Paypal order form offers an all in one solution that records customer order and also receives payment.

intro and post-submission Message

Share more information about your brand as an intro to your Paypal order form. You can also include a post-submission message to your Paypal order.

Your intro pr post-submission message could be about the other products you have to offer, more information about delivery, or a link to another page. The into and post-submission page gives you the flexibility to add a few things to your order form.

Custom Subdomain

Host your PayPal order form on a custom subdomain with your brand name. Creating a unique subdomain for your order form will help you stand out from other customers and also help with marketing your brand.

For example, will better optimize your brand name for search engines than using an automatically generated subdomain. Replacing a random string of numbers/letters with your brand name is a good marketing practice.

Tips for Using the Paypal Order Form

Design a free PayPal form by getting started with this form template. Receive payments on your order, bookings, and registrations with the Paypal payment gateway.

To get started, set up your form by editing the fields with the simple Formplus builder. You can edit the current customization to suit your preferred style as well.

Next, on the settings page, enter your Paypal credentials to sync your account with your Form. On Formplus, you can add other payment options like Stripe or Paystack to provide alternatives for your customers. Once you’re done setting up your form, share it by either sending the URL, a QR code or embed it on your WordPress/website.

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