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Patient Registration Form Template

Are you looking for a way to allow new patients register for medical services online? Use this patient registration form template. With this template, healthcare providers can collect new patients’ details such as their medical history, date of birth, contact details, and so on. The data gotten from this form can also be saved on the secure Formplus cloud storage. Get started with this template today.

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Tips For Using the Patient Registration Form Template

What Is a Registration Form?

A registration form is a smart and efficient way to collect data from leads and prospective customers. It is an online form or document that an individual fills out and submits to a business or an individual, to either express their interest in an event, product or service. 

Registration forms simplify the information collection process, as it is the first point of contact a potential client interacts with your business or event. 

With registration forms, there is no need to break the ice by starting with small talk, in other to access client information. Hence registration forms are direct, straight to the point, and help you collect basic or in-depth information about your potential customers.

How Do I Create a Registration Form Online?

Creating an online registration form can be a lot of work, especially if you do not possess any programming knowledge. Fortunately, with Formplus, a flexible software service you can easily create a free online registration form, with no HTML coding, and zero coding knowledge to create a registration webpage form. 

All you need is to sign up for free with Formplus. Our kanban style drag and drop builder helps you select the fields you want, pick the visual design that matches your brand colors, and share the form via the multiple sharing options.

To make your job easier, we have an array of ready-made templates with general questions or form fields that you would likely want to capture in your form. Best of all the templates can be customized to suit your needs.

What Is a Registration Page?

A registration page also known as a signup page, allows users to independently, fill in their details and gain access to your system or event. It is commonplace to have varied registration pages based on the type of clients or organizations you serve.

What Is a Registration Form in HTML?

HTML is a popular format for documents designed to be displayed on a website. It is usually supported by scripting languages like javascript and other technologies. Creating the simplest registration forms in HTML can be tasking.

However, with Formplus, you can easily embed your form into your web browser or any other channel you prefer, from socials to blog posts and QR codes. Formplus forms can be displayed across multiple channels, by simply copying and pasting a short code or link into your website, and voila, your registration form is up and running on your website, without any coding or technical knowledge.

What Are The Elements of a Registration form?

For registration forms, there are 4 basic elements that must be captured and they are:

  • Name.
  • Username (if different)
  • Password.
  • Email address.
  • Phone number

Any other field you might want to include is totally up to you and you can use our form templates to plan and collect registration data from potential customers, best of all our forms integrate seamlessly with payment gateways like PayPal Flutterwave, Stripe, to collect payments, registration fees, donations and more all from one place.

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