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Partnership Agreement Form Template

Use this partnership agreement template to write contract terms between businesses or individuals and allow parties involved to sign the document with Formplus’ e-signature feature. Get started with the partnership agreement form, modify terms and conditions and share with your partners via email.

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Partnership Agreement Form Template template

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Tips for Using the Partnership Agreement Template

Whether you’re a small business or an already established one, you’d need to curate legal written documents like a partnership agreement for certain deals. This is why you should get a head start with this partnership agreement sample. 

With these preset fields, you can request for the full details of the partnership and ensure it’s legally binding with the signature field. For extra privacy, send out email invitations on the share page to invite parties to sign the agreement. You can also nudge them to fill it at a later time using the email reminder. 

Once all parties fill out this form, you can create a custom PDF document from the submissions and send it to everyone who signed. Simply edit the sample template and upload yours on the documerge section of the settings page.

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