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Partnership Agreement Form Template

Use this partnership agreement template to write contract terms between businesses or individuals and allow parties involved to sign the document with Formplus’ e-signature feature. Get started with the partnership agreement form, modify terms and conditions and share with your partners via email.

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Partnership Agreement Form Template template

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Tips for Using the Partnership Agreement Template

You have to deal with a lot of paperwork as a business owner, which can be pretty time-consuming. There are so many downsides to using actual papers as a business; papers get misplaced, and it takes time to organize them so they reach the intended recipient.

Online business forms enable you to increase your business productivity and growth by eliminating the downsides that come with using paper. They help you collect information and finish tasks effectively.

Most Common Types of Business Forms

Partnership Agreement Template

A partnership agreement form helps you in outlining the terms and conditions of your contract with another business or individual. You also don't have to worry about couriering it to the recipient to get them to sign it; simply add an e-signature field, and the document is legally binding.

Business Registration Form Template

Using a business registration form allows you to register your business with the right institution. All you need to do is fill out your information such as business name, description, contact details, and other required information.

Business Assessment Form Template

A business assessment form helps you measure your business performance. It enables you to solicit feedback from your clients, partners, or customers to understand how they perceive your business and make suggestions for improvement.

Using the feedback and suggestions from the business assessment form allows you to capitalize on your strengths while also identifying productive ways to improve your weaknesses.

Sales Report Form Template

A sales report form allows you to track your sales by keeping track of the items sold by specific employees. You can also match the items sold with your inventory for auditing and fraud prevention.

How Do You Create a Partnership Agreement Form?

Step 1- Select the partnership agreement form template from the Formplus templates library

Step 2- Click on “Use this template”

Step 3- Customize the form’s design to fit your branding e.g. colors, fonts, logos, and other branding assets.

Step 4- Choose your preferred form settings- submission notifications, deadline, reminders, and others.

Step 5- Share the form by embedding it on your website, emails, social media, or a QR code.

With these preset fields, you can request the full details of the partnership and ensure it’s legally binding with the signature field. For extra privacy, send out email invitations on the share page to invite parties to sign the agreement. You can also nudge them to fill it at a later time using the email reminder. 

Once all parties fill out this form, you can create a custom PDF document from the submissions and send it to everyone who signed.

Which Business Forms Do I Need?

As a business owner, you do not need all business forms; it all depends on the type of product and service you provide. If you own a logistics company, for example, it's only natural to have dispatch and delivery report forms.

A good way to identify all of the business forms you need is to map out your business processes. This will serve as a guide to help you determine the processes you can streamline with online business forms.

You could also look through our template library to see the forms most businesses use to streamline their tasks and grow their businesses.


Online business forms increase efficiency and help you grow your business by reducing paperwork and expediting processes. Visit the Formplus template library to find forms to help you increase your efficiency, track sales, collect feedback, and even securely accept payments.

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