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Online Order Form Template

Create a customized online order form or use our form templates to accept payments for your store, businesses and events. With our security features, customers can be assured to use Paypal, or strip credit card for online payment orders.

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Online Order Form Template template



Customised Online Order Form

Use Formplus’ online order forms to collect details about products order, gather the customer’s contact info, and even collect payments. The form template is perfect for restaurants, online stores, hotel reservations etc. Share your online payment forms to your customers with ease. Send the form through emails to targeted customers or share on social media platforms like Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, to allow potential customers access the forms and make orders. Embed the online order form on your website as an iframe or popup to get direct conversions.. Download your online order form as a QR code. This can be added to your business cards, fliers or event banners so that customers can just “scan to order” for your business or services. The free online order forms are mobile-responsive and will work on any device. The online order forms are optimized for a seamless user-friendly experience. Customise your online order forms to project your brand more effectively. Add your logo, change colors to your brand colors, use brand-related images. Create online order forms on the go and edit form elements such as theme, color, font, layout, width.

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Create Mobile Friendly and Geolocation Enabled Order Forms

Most online conversion now happens on mobile as over 67 percent of the world's population use smartphones. Make your online order forms mobile friendly to attract faster business leads than your competitors. Formplus mobile-friendly forms are fully responsive and adapt to any device. Use our mobile form builder to create your preferred online order forms, payment forms and much more. When you build an online order form with Formplus, a mobile-friendly version of that form is automatically created for you. If Formplus detects a mobile device, Formplus will display the mobile-friendly version of your form. Add the geolocation marker to an online order form to understand precisely where an order or payment is coming from. Geolocation forms allows you to determine–with the user’s consent–the physical location of the person who is filling out your order form, Formplus also records the nearest physical address using Google Maps Web Services. This feature is useful for delivery services.

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Create Secure Order Form

Formplus provides you and your customers with the highest levels of online form security. We offer multiple security methods to help you gain peace of mind. Keep your order form data safe with the industry standard for viewing and sending sensitive information online. Formplus fully complies with the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). The online order form comes with 256-bit SSL (Secure Socket Layer) enabled, making sure that all connections between your web browser and our servers are secure 100% of the time. Add CAPTCHA to your order forms to create a more secure form submission process. Spammers won’t be able to submit false information, and your database will be clean and error-free. You can limit the number of people that open or use the link to only those who have been invited. Make your online order forms private.

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Receive Payment with Online Order Form

Receive payments anywhere in the world for your products. Formplus allows you to make any type of online order form and collect online payments with Paypal and Stripe integrations. Our secure payment forms integrate with several online payment processors and adhere to the strictest security standards, including PCI compliance, giving that seal of assurance that your business is legitimate. Process credit cards through our secure integrations and create forms that accept payments or sell online. With Formplus Builder, you don’t have to worry about online order form or run your entire business online. Let’s help you reduce your cart abandonment rate with Formplus onpage payment forms. Get details on your transactions, change your orders or even issue refunds in just a few clicks. Through our integrations with Flutterwave, PayPal, and Stripe, you accept payments and process credit cards in different currencies from around the world.

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Share Links to your Online Order Form

Select from Formplus’ variety of sharing options to reach your customers in the best way possible. Share your online order form on social media and your website. Embed your order form on your website or on Facebook. With the “Form Sharing” feature, you can publish your online order form and send out the link to everyone with a single click. Share the job application form through email invites. The “Track Email Invitation” feature allows you to track incomplete orders. Post the online order form to social media platforms and your Google My Business page. Copy and paste a code extract and embed your form on your website. For advance sharing methods, download the complete CSS for your job application form. Download your job application form link as a QR Code to easily share to prospective candidates. Place this code on your business card, banners, or other platforms where you deem fit.

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Collaborate with Team Members

Invite your team members on board to collaborate on forms and data by adding other users to act on customers behaviour accrued from your form responses. Use the Formplus collaboration feature to let team members work on order forms and data. Add users individually or in groups, assign them to different groups based on role, and set permissions to control account access for individuals or groups. An “Audit Trail” feature shows all the changes that have been made to your order forms, reports, themes, and responses. As an admin, you can add comments to each item on the trail, to organize and manage projects more efficiently.

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Customize Your Order Forms With Formplus Builder

Build an order form that will allow discount codes, send email confirmations to customers and alert you when a new order is placed. Design professional looking order forms with the Formplus Form Builder. Customize with advanced styling options to match your brand’s identity. We all want to have our own style and “brand,” and anyone can design a branded order form. Formplus’ customization feature can help you maintain brand consistency through a variety of beautifully designed form themes. Adjust background color, layout, width, custom image, theme header, font (type and size), text color, spacing between rows. Set unique attributes for different form elements (including Headings, Labels, Text, Links, and Buttons), change the style of your fields. If you understand CSS, you will find that customization options are numerous in Formplus - you can modify pre-built templates, form themes, form layout, and even stylize your forms using your own CSS.

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