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Online Shopping Survey Template

The online shopping survey can be used by online retailers or advertisers to study people’s attitude and behavior towards online shopping and e-commerce sites. This customizable shopping survey can be edited and tailored to the aim of your research. The feedback gotten can be used to improve the quality of online shopping. Get started with this form template today.

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Tips For Using the Online Shopping Survey Template

What is an Online Shopping Survey?

An online shopping survey is a digital questionnaire designed to gather information about customers' online shopping experiences, preferences, and habits. These surveys help businesses and retailers gain insights into their target audience's expectations, satisfaction levels, and areas of improvement for their online shopping platforms. By collecting and analyzing this valuable data, businesses can optimize their websites and online stores to serve their customers better and drive sales and brand loyalty.

How is an Online Shopping Survey Used?

Online shopping surveys collect a wide range of data, including demographic information, purchase behavior, customer satisfaction, and preferences regarding products or services. They can be implemented using various methods, such as sending a survey to customers via email after a purchase, embedding it on a website, or promoting it on social media platforms.

What is the Purpose of an Online Shopping Survey?

The primary purpose of an online shopping survey is to gather actionable insights to improve the online shopping experience for customers. This may include identifying trends, evaluating user interface and website design, assessing customer service, and understanding the factors that influence purchasing decisions. By addressing the issues and concerns raised through these surveys, businesses can continually refine their online shopping platforms to provide a more seamless, enjoyable experience for their customers.

How to Create an Online Shopping Survey Using the Formplus Template

To create an online shopping survey using the Formplus template, follow these steps:

  • Sign up or log in to your Formplus account. From your dashboard, click on "Create New Form."
  • Select "Templates" from the top menu, and search for "Online Shopping Survey" in the search bar.
  • Click on the "Online Shopping Survey" template to select it.
  • Customize the survey template according to your needs. Formplus provides an easy-to-use drag-and-drop interface for adding, editing, and rearranging survey questions. You can also change the design, layout, and branding of the survey to align with your business's identity.
  • After customizing the survey, click on "Save" to store your changes.
  • Share the survey with your customers and audience through email, social media, or by embedding it on your website.
  • Monitor and analyze the survey responses using Formplus's built-in analytics tools.

What are the Features of the Formplus Online Shopping Survey?

The Formplus online shopping survey template offers several features to streamline the survey creation process and ensure effective data collection:

  • Pre-built questions: The template includes a set of pre-built questions designed to gather comprehensive data about customers' online shopping experiences. These questions can be easily modified or replaced to suit your specific needs.
  • Customizability: The Formplus survey builder allows you to fully customize the appearance and content of your survey. You can adjust the design, colors, and branding to match your business's identity, ensuring a consistent and professional look.
  • Mobile responsiveness: The Formplus online shopping survey template is mobile-responsive, allowing users to complete the survey on any device, including smartphones and tablets.
  • Multiple sharing options: Formplus provides various options for sharing your survey, such as generating a unique link, embedding it on your website, or sharing it via email or social media.
  • Real-time analytics: Formplus offers real-time analytics tools to help you track survey responses and monitor completion rates. These insights can help you evaluate the effectiveness of your survey and make adjustments as needed.
  • Data export: With Formplus, you can easily export your survey data in various formats, such as Excel, CSV, or PDF, for further analysis and reporting.


In conclusion, online shopping surveys play a crucial role in understanding customer preferences and enhancing the online shopping experience. By using the Formplus template, businesses can quickly create, customize, and deploy surveys to collect valuable data and make data-driven improvements to their online stores.

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