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Free Online Quiz Template

A customizable online quiz template will help you conduct a seamless online quiz for your class or training program. Create an online quiz to test your students' knowledge of lessons.

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Use Multi Option and Logic Feature for Online Quiz

Add single select, multiple select, or checkboxes to the online quiz form template. The single select option lets respondents select one option from a list. It's just like a multiple choice question on a test. Multiple select lets users select one or more options for a list. It's great for letting people choose all options that apply, not just one. Create the impression that your online quiz is short by only asking the questions that are relevant to your users. With Conditional Logic, you can easily create online forms that react to the actions your users take - certain questions will only come up based on the conditions you set. Give users a more personalized experience by letting users skip irrelevant questions. Conditional logic makes viewing your form an easier, more intuitive task for your users. Control who gets notified and when with email routing. Set notification emails to send to different respondents depending on the answer the user selects. Send a confirmation email to update your users when their submission has been approved.

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Report and Submission Analytics

Quiz come with a lot of responses – questions and answers – but Formplus can help you easily manage all the received data. Create the form and keep checking your analytics dashboard for the summary of trends on your quiz form. Use analytics to streamline received data. Get real-time reports of your form; understanding how the data has evolved over time. Understand how many customers are sending in feedback through the online form – how many have submitted or completed the quiz. The form analytics dashboard displays statistics like the number of daily or weekly submissions, the country where each submission is from, and the devices used. View metrics like total form views, unique views, and abandonment rate.

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Share Online Quiz with Students and Friends

The Form Sharing option offers several options for sharing your online quiz. You can share a link to your form or embed it on your own site. Copy and paste a code snippet and embed your form in your website as an iframe or a popup. Embedding is also possible on Facebook. Share the online quiz on Twitter, LinkedIn easily. Email a link to the form, where your respondents just click the link and have instant access to the form.

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Tips for Using the Online Quiz

Set up tests and other free online quizzes with the Formplus online quiz maker. Start by editing the questions by using the builder’s drag-and-drop editor. Add multiple-choice questions, image choice options, and other interactive questions for your test. You can collaborate with other teachers by inviting them as a member of your team on your Formplus account. At the end of the quiz, you can automate the grading system using the form calculations field. Send the results via email using the auto-responder feature. You can find this on the settings page. Share this quiz with your students by sharing a link, email invite, or a QR code today.

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