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Online Questionnaire Template

If you have got lots of questions, needs lots of answers, want to test existing hypotheses and produce new theories, use the online questionnaire form template to get actionable trends and measurable responses. Conduct research, optimize knowledge of your brand, or just get to know an audience with this form template. The form template is fast, free and fully customizable. Try our online questionnaire form for 21 free days now!

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Online Questionnaire Template template

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Responses and Analytics

Get useful insights to your online questionnaire form with large, measurable form analytics once you open your dashboard and receive metrics like average time spent, conversion rate, abandonment rate, unique views, total views.

Our platform analytics dashboard also reveals the top devices used to access the forms and popular locations where responses mostly come from. Use Formplus' reporting tools to build custom visual reports in just a few clicks, and view the responses in beautiful charts and graphs.

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Multi Choice Form Fields

Formplus’ form builder a wide variety of options field for your online questionnaire. From Checkbox field, to Radio, to Multiple select, Single select and Image choice. So, if you have a question that requires respondents to select ‘Three of our products you will like to have in your cupboard’, you could use a Multiple Select field. You can also use ratings for questions that require a grading system. Smileys, stars and matrix will be great for your online questionnaire form.

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Use the drag-and-drop functionality of the online questionnaire form to add multiple form fields to your form. 

Add short texts, images, videos to make the online questionnaire more elaborate to help respondents answer the questions faster and appropriately. 

You can create and manage your online questionnaire on your mobile, with ease. All forms are responsive and accessible on all mobile devices.

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Tips for using the Online Questionnaire Template

Add your favorite questions to this free questionnaire template by using the Formplus editor tool. If you’d want to add multiple-choice options, you can use any of the choice fields in the builder.

Customize the overall design of this template using the available preset theme or with your own custom CSS. Schedule notifications so you get notified when a submission occurs and you can choose to schedule these notifications immediately, weekly, or even monthly.

Seamlessly analyze the survey research data with the advanced reporting Formplus tool. See common words with the word cloud, view the data in your preferred graph format, and track patterns with Formplus analytics.

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