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Online Questionnaire Template

If you have got lots of questions, needs lots of answers, want to test existing hypotheses and produce new theories, use the online questionnaire form template to get actionable trends and measurable responses. Conduct research, optimize knowledge of your brand, or just get to know an audience with this form template. The form template is fast, free and fully customizable. Try our online questionnaire form for 21 free days now!

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Calculate figures automatically

You have added number fields on your online questionnaire form and need them the final figures. Formplus can help you do the job easily. Just click on the “Add calculation” field or the calculation tab on a supported field to display the calculator. Then, use your preferred symbols on the calculator to perform arithmetic operations. It is that simple, no more manual calculations. 

Supported fields for carrying out calculation include - Number field, Labelled input, Single-select, Checkboxes, Radio Field, Image choice, Star option, Heart, and Scale field.

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Use Google Sheets to rationalize received responses

Save yourself the stress of manually updating your spreadsheets. Formplus’ Google Sheets integration makes copying date received on your online questionnaire template into sheets as easy as possible. You can also select where your responses are stored on the Form Responses Storage section from the available options, Formplus, Google Sheets or both Formplus and Google sheets.

Google Spreadsheet allows you and your team members, collaborate smoothly on the sheet, as you can share it to as many people as possible.

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Let respondents submit in offline mode

The online questionnaire form can be filled without an internet connection. This comes by default and you do not need to enable any option or install any application to make this work. The online form automatically detects when there is no network connectivity and allows the form to be submitted offline.

It therefore means that you can have respondents submitting responses from rural areas, places with poor connectivity etc. The respondents only have to fill in their responses and the form responses are synced automatically when the device is back online. 

Learn More About Offline Forms
Why use Online Questionnaire Form

An online questionnaire is a research tool comprising a series of questions solely for the purpose of garnering information from a chosen population. It is sometimes regarded as a written interview.

They are a cheap, efficient, and faster way of getting large amounts of information, especially when the population is relatively large. All the researcher has to do is create the form and share it on preferred platforms.

Online questionnaire forms can be used to measure behavior, preferences, opinions, attitudes of a large population quickly and faster than traditional methods.

You can collect both quantitative and qualitative data with open and closed questions, respectively, and keep your respondent’s sensitive details confidential. 

Summarily, Formplus’ online questionnaire is set up for simplicity. By customizing your form to include beautiful background images, design, friendly language, you keep more respondents all through to the end until submission. 

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Responses and Analytics

Get useful insights to your online questionnaire form with large, measurable form analytics once you open your dashboard and receive metrics like average time spent, conversion rate, abandonment rate, unique views, total views.

Our platform analytics dashboard also reveals the top devices used to access the forms and popular locations where responses mostly come from. Use Formplus' reporting tools to build custom visual reports in just a few clicks, and view the responses in beautiful charts and graphs.

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Multi Choice Form Fields

Formplus’ form builder a wide variety of options field for your online questionnaire. From Checkbox field, to Radio, to Multiple select, Single select and Image choice. So, if you have a question that requires respondents to select ‘Three of our products you will like to have in your cupboard’, you could use a Multiple Select field. You can also use ratings for questions that require a grading system. Smileys, stars and matrix will be great for your online questionnaire form.

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Check out the creative form builder just for you

Use the drag-and-drop functionality of the online questionnaire form to add multiple form fields to your form. 

Add short texts, images, videos to make the online questionnaire more elaborate to help respondents answer the questions faster and appropriately. 

You can create and manage your online questionnaire on your mobile, with ease. All forms are responsive and accessible on all mobile devices.

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