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Online Leasing Application Form Template

The online leasing application form is designed to allow prospective tenants to make accommodation reservations. With this form, Landlords can collect relevant information about applicants—including contact details, employment status, and so on. Auto-populate applicants' information into your Spreadsheet and receive real-time notifications whenever someone submits an application. Get started with this free form template.

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Online Leasing Application Form Template template

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Online Leasing Application Form

What are Online Leasing Application Forms:

Online leasing application forms are documents available digitally, designed to aid or facilitate application for rent or lease of properties, pieces of equipment, etc. These forms include sections for personal information, rental history, financial details, references, and any other detail required by owners, landlords, or property managers to evaluate potential tenants.

Why are Online Leasing Application Forms Important:

Online leasing application forms provide a structured way for you to collect information from prospective clients interested in your equipment, property, etc. The digital structure of the online leasing application form allows to access a wider reach of clients, who can fill out the form and submit it conveniently, irrespective of their physical location.

With the Formplus online leasing application form you get to review submissions in real time and facilitate faster processing times.

How Can I Create an Online Leasing Application Form:

Sign up to Formplus to access the wide array of form templates

The advantage of digital forms like the Formplus online-leasing-application-form includes easy access to applicant's information in real-time, secure data storage, and the ease of sharing the forms through a wide variety of options. Such as email links, QR codes, or by simply embedding it on your online platform or webpage.

That's not all. With Formplus's code-free drag-and-drop builder, the forms can be customized to align with your brand elements in terms of colors, layout, fonts, and even logo. 

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