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Free Online Conference Registration Form Template

Register attendees to your conference through this customizable Conference Registration form template to ensure the success of your planned conference. Managing your conferences has become easier with this form template as you can collect Name, Phone, Session Preferences, Addresses,, confirm attendance and more. Make data collection easier with this Conference Form Template today!

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Free Online Conference Registration Form Template template



Our intuitive builder makes it easy

Our form builder makes it quite easy to collect all the information you need to make sure your event is a success. You can drag and drop fields to create a form and collect attendees names, phone number(s) and email. In fact, it is possible to have as many fields as you want to use to collect needed information.

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Monitor Your Registration Form with Analytics

The Analytics feature on the online conference registration form automatically tracks Total Visits, Unique Visits, Abandonment Rate, Conversion Rates and Average Time Spent filling out a Form. This means that Analytics gives you all the insights you possibly need to increase your form conversion rates. It tells you which fields are used the most and the least, which are unneeded, which are corrected often and which fields cause problems. So, if you want better conversion rates for subsequent planned conferences, analytics will aid the process. It is as simple as visiting the analytics page on your dashboard and choose whether to view it in charts, tables or cards.

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Add a professional touch to your registration form

Upload and place your logo at the top of the conference registration form as it will represent the conference. You may also have an image that represents your brand or the theme of the conference. With Formplus, you can use this image to customize the background of your conference registration form. Also add your organization or brand name to the URL of the conference form. This creates a sense of professionalism among attendees, also makes it simple for you or anyone to remember

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Conditional logic makes your form smarter

With conditional logic, you can create the illusion that your online conference registration form is short by only asking questions relevant to guests. Conditional logic shortens your conference registration form, which reduces your abandonment rate. This is especially important for mobile users who are even less forgiving with long, cumbersome forms.

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Collect registration fees with secure payment platforms

Using Formplus’ online conference form template, you can receive payments through our secure and verified payment integrations - PayPal, Stripe, Flutterwave. It means that collecting fees for the conference, registration, like accommodation, transportation, event materials and more, have been made easy. Simply add your preferred payment processor and you are one step closer to ensuring seamless online payments!

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Send confirmations to registered guests after submission

You can send a submission confirmation message to your guest after they successfully submit the online conference registration form. This confirmation message can be customized to any message of your choice, you can also choose to include the responses of the guest in the email.

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Manage registration form with your team

Success sounds more interesting when team members are part of it. Invite team members and grant them different access levels, then delegate duties according to specialization or department. Use the ‘Audit Trail’ to stay in control and track activities of team members on the online conference form. See who creates, edits and deletes a form.

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Manage information with Google Sheets

Formplus’ Google Sheets integration makes collaboration easier. No need to manually update documents when you can simply use this on your conference registration form and receive updates of responses. This can then be shared with your event manager, planning team, presentation team, PR Team and others.

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Accept Files on Registration Form

Do you need guests to upload documents to support their registration at the conference? Just add a file upload field on the online conference registration form to collect documents, requests, pictures and any other necessary file.

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What this Conference Registration Form template does for you

With this form template, you can transform the tedium of registration into a simple, streamlined process by saving time, when guests can simply enter their details on their own time, rather than you having to fill it in yourself. You also get to reduce expenditures on paper, printing, envelopes, postage and the cost of labour. Added to that is the ability to build a database of attendees, send out email confirmations, prevent registration conflicts, and apply conditional logic when appropriate (i.e. If you register for A, you can't register for B). You can also use the online conference registration form to monitor capacity limits, secure attendance with convenient access and, with online payment integration, you can secure revenue and get paid faster. Create an online conference form now!

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Enable Google Map Geolocation Marker on your Registration Form

When you enable geolocation, you collect and store your guests location data along with their form submission. This insight can help you be better informed and turn make specific suggestions and provisions to attendees based on their location.. Once you activate it, the registrants country, state, and city information will be received alongside their responses.

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More Sharing Options to Boost Registration and Attendance

Created the form and want more responses? Simply, copy the code of your conference registration form and embed directly on your website. If you would like to share on your social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn, this can be done easily with a few clicks. You can also embed the form directly in your official page using Facebook Tab Embed. With Formplus, you can download the form as a QR code and publish on accessible platforms like billboards, notice boards and more.

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Enable Offline Registration

Allow attendees fill in their responses even with an unreliable internet connection. So, if they are probably in a rural area that has poor connection, in an airplane (where their phones have to be on airplane mode), or anywhere else, they could fill in their responses and the form submits once their device can connect to the internet.

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Use email invites to reach out to your Mailing List

Send customized email invites to attendees to track submissions. The emails have unique links that can be used to prevent duplicate submissions. Once you select the option to make each invite t unique that an email invite cannot​ be used to fill out the online conference registration form after it has been filled out

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