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Free Online Appointment Form Template

Plan your day with our online appointment form template to scheduled all variety of meetings. The appointment form template is suitable for business executives, secretaries, HRs, Doctors, Lawyers, Consultants, Small businesses etc. Time is life, be productive with our customised appointment form today

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Free Online Appointment Form Template template



Mobile-Friendly Forms

Create mobile-responsive appointment forms that can be filled out on any device including smartphones, laptops, and notepads. Our online appointment forms provide excellent user interface experience so that your clients can schedule appointments without needing to pinch or zoom in on your form. 

The form builder is also mobile-responsive so you can create your online appointment form on the go from the comfort of your mobile device. You can add different form fields, customize your form's outlook and change background images without any special configurations. 

Google Sheets Integration

Google sheets integration allows you to sync your form responses with Google sheets so that your spreadsheet is instantly updated when new form submissions are made. This means you do not have to bother about importing or exporting data from your spreadsheet. 

With Google sheets integration, team members and collaborators can stay up to date with form submissions. Simply add team members to your spreadsheet so that they can easily track and process new form submissions when they are made.

Print Submissions

Add the "print submissions" button to your appointment form to enable form respondents to print a copy of their submitted appointment form for future purposes. This is good especially if you need these persons to come with a copy of their appointment booking form on the meeting day. 

The "print submissions" option can be enabled in the "settings" page of the form. Read more about how to enable the print submissions feature in your online appointment template form here.

Teams and Collaboration for Administrative Purposes

You can add multiple users to your Formplus shared account and work together on creating your online application form and processing form responses. In other words, you can easily add team members and collaborators to your form. 

Track and comment on any changes made to your appointment form template using the audit trail option. In addition to this, you can also grant form permissions, assign roles to collaborators, or restrict access to form data.

Submissions as Docx or PDF Attachments

As you send out confirmation emails and notification emails, you can choose to include a Docx or PDF attachment of the form submission, to keep everyone updated. This will help every member of your team to stay on the same page and the email attachment can be used for future reference.

Custom Subdomain to Host Forms

The custom subdomain feature allows you to create a more professional URL for your online appointment form by adding your organization's name to your form link. This means that your form's shareable link will begin with the name of your organization. 

There are a number of perks to having a custom subdomain for your online appointment form including the fact your custom subdomain serves as a marketing tool for your brand. In addition, it also helps your clients feel secure as they can easily ascertain that the form link is coming from your organization; especially when you send your form link via email.

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