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Narrow Contact Form Template

Make use of this narrow contact form template on small areas of your website or on your sidebar. Customize this html contact form, and embed it on your website.

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Narrow Contact Form Template template

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Narrow Contact Form Template

What is the purpose of a contact form?

Contact forms help you connect with your prospective clients or visitors who come to your website. It's the only person who visits your website or business page who can reach you or connect with you. 

A contact form facilitates communication between you and prospective customers, with the form they can make inquiries, give feedback, and access customer support for issues they need help with. 

Most importantly contact forms provide you with details of leads that you can nurture and eventually convert into buying customers.

What are the different types of contact forms?

There are various kinds of contact forms from feedback forms to the regular/narrow contact form. then there is the order placement form, for customers who want to purchase from you. All these forms provide a way for you to communicate with customers.

What is the meaning of the narrow contact form?

A narrow contact form is a basic document with limited fields aimed at collecting information like name, email, and sometimes phone number. The design of this form aims to collect details from individuals in a formal and not inquisitive manner, that will make users leave their details without feeling any intrusion on their privacy.

How do I create a narrow contact form?

  • Sign up or Log in to Formplus
  • Select the narrow contact form from the wide array of form templates.
  • Customize the form with the drag-and-drop form builder, to tweak the form to align with your brand elements in terms of design, color, fonts, layout, brand logo, etc.
  • With our advanced sharing feature, you have the option of sharing your form via QR codes, and links or by embedding the form on your websites for easy accessibility.
  • The smart notification function prompts you through your preferred channel each time a form is submitted.

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