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Model Release Form Template

Use the Model Release Form template if you are going to work with models, studios, media companies, or fashion brands. You can use this form template as a legal document (or use access) between you, the photographer or the person who owns the image right property. Use the Model Release Form Template today!

Use this template



Model Release Form Template template



Enable Offline Mode

Models can now fill in their responses when internet connectivity is poor. This means that, in the case where the internet is poor, models can fill in their responses on the go,  and as soon as their device can reconnect to the internet, responses and files are automatically synced. 

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Use Digital Signatures on Model Agreement Form

In order to use a picture publicly, photographers often need proof that identifiable people in the picture have given their consent for publication. This is especially true for commercial use.

You can collect digital signatures on your model release form to make sure the agreement between you and the photographer (or vice versa) is legally binding and can be used in court. To do this, simply drag and drop a signature field from the builder and add to your form.

Try E-Signature on Model Release Form
Use checkbox and long text field for agreement terms

You can include the terms of use in the model release form by adding a checkbox field, with a text field that can be edited. This makes it easy to models to just read through the terms and check ‘Agree’. 

And if you will like models to express themselves in longer texts, you can add a long text field for that purpose. This can be used to allow models give more information as may be required.

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Validation lets you collect correct information

You can validate Phone Numbers, Emails and other required information, so you get it in the correct format even before submission. For example, if you set your form to receive submissions from a US Phone Numbers, respondents will not be able to submit the form without a US phone number.

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Use aesthetics to appeal to clients

Do you think the look of the model release form template can be better? Select a theme from a wide variety available on Formplus; then change the form colors, layout, buttons, then adjust the width of your form. The Formplus builder also has a robust colour picker and over 50 Google fonts to choose from. You can add your own CSS to make it look just as you imagined.

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Use Geolocation Field on Model Release Form

Geolocation is a useful method of zeroing in on a concentration of models and potential models, knowing ahead of time where a prospect plugs in is another way to enhance personalisation. It tracks by IP address and connected to that is a range of location data which aids in targeting ads specific to a model’s location. For instance, if you are looking to work with models in a particular area and already understand that there is a large model base in that location, you could target ads specific for that location to reach out to them.

Learn More About Geolocation
Add an Intro and Post Submission Message

You can add a welcome page stating why the model release form is necessary, and to give important information about casting dates, preferred outfits, etc. Also, add a confirmation page to say ‘Thank You’ to you model for giving consent.

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Receive Response Notification

You can receive notifications of submitted responses directly into your email associated with your Formplus account. A daily, weekly or monthly summary of responses can be sent to your email. Formplus also allows you to route notifications to other emails and choose to exclude yourself from receiving notifications.

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Add brand identities to Model Release Form

You can make the model release form completely yours by adding the logo of your Modelling Agency or Photography business. 

If you need to change the background of your form, upload an image related to your brand or an image related to the present conversation, and use as background. 

Also use a custom URL to create a complete cycle of trust and add a professional touch to your model release form. In this case, shortened URLs can be changed to reflect your brand’s name

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Share the Model Release Form to preferred channels

You have a website? You can embed the model release form directly on your web page. This way, your respondents can remain on your web page after submitting the Model Release Form. 

Also share on Twitter and LinkedIn in just one click. For Facebook, simply copy the code snippet and embed in your page. 

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