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Membership Registration Form Template

Registering members to your club, camp, volunteers to your organization, alumni association, is easy with the online Membership Registration Form template. This form template can help you collect details like Name, Email, Contact Address as well as other details needed to sign new members. Get started by using our Membership Registration Form Template now!

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Membership Registration Form Template template



File Upload Field Options

If your registration requires photos of the respondents, you can add a file upload field to your membership registration form to make it easy. It is also easy to collect other supporting documents to ensure there are no issues during the registration process

Accept Files with Formplus
Use signature to legalise Membership Registration

You can collect the digital signature of a registrant in the case where there are terms and conditions. Rather than having just a checkbox, you can add a digital signature field where the member signs.

Learn More About Electronic Signature
Let users save their progress and resume later

Whether it is a short, long or multiple page membership registration form, you can allow respondents save their progress on the form and continue from where they stopped. This reduces abandonment rate, especially for long forms. Get more members with this registration form template now!

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Invite registrants via email

You can send an email invite to a list of people through their emails. The link in email can be made unique so respondents will be able to make only one submission. This option can be used to track pending and completed submissions and prevent duplicate submissions.

Use Email Invitation Option
Change the look of the Membership Form Template

Created the form but would like a different look and feel? Select a theme from a wide variety available on Formplus; then change the form colors, layout, form width, and buttons of your Membership Registration Form. The Formplus builder also has a robust colour picker and over 50 Google fonts to help you create an online form that’s in line with your brand. If you want to add your own form CSS, you can do that as well.

Customize Online Forms with Formplus
Use autoresponder after successful form submission

Autoresponders allow you send a submission confirmation message to members after making a successful membership registration form submission. This confirmation message can be customized to any message of your choice, you can also choose to include the responses from the registrant in the form.

Learn More About Auto Responder
Make your form look smarter with Conditional Logic

Using conditional logic in your membership registration form improves the flow of the form and makes it easier to fill out. You can hide certain fields and make them show only when the respondent selects a particular answer. For instance, if a respondent checks ‘Attended College’ on the online form, another field is displayed to asking ‘Name of College?’

Design Smart Forms with Formplus
Use tables to reduce clutter

With Formplus, you can create a grid to group a set of fields that allow you to add data in columns and rows on the membership registration form. For example, if the respondent has multiple academic qualifications, tables could be used to accommodate all of them. Also, column could be added to accommodate them. Or if there are other people relevant to the registration, a table can be used so collect their details in a simple form.

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Multiple Ways to Share your form

Have a website for your organization or club? Allow website visitors register directly by embedding your registration form in your website. This process requires no coding and can be done in a few easy clicks. You definitely will like the idea of having your membership registration form on your website. Well, it is as simple as getting the form link and embedding it directly in your website. This way, your respondents can remain on your webpage after submitting the registration form. You can also receive registrations via your social media pages, by sharing your registration form directly. It only takes one click and you can share your membership registration form to Twitter and LinkedIn. With Facebook, you can simply copy the code and embed on your Facebook page with ease. You can also download the form link as a QR code and publish on accessible platforms for prospective members to scan and fill.

Form Sharing is Easier with Formplus
Create professional forms with Formplus

No doubt, logos act as a graphic representation of your organization and we know this! You can, therefore, upload your organization’s logo and place it at the top of the membership registration form. You may also have a brand image that represents your organization or club g (a flyer for example). With Formplus, you can use this image to customize the background of your membership registration form. Add your organization’s name to the URL of your form to customize it and make it instantly recognizable.

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Add a welcome and submission confirmation page

Give prospective members some more information before they fill out their details using an Introductory page. You can also add a ‘Thank You’ message or give out follow up information with a post-submission page.

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Let applicants indicate preferred duration of membership

This works well for periodical memberships, as in Gym memberships or Planning committees. You can add a duration field so members indicate when they want their membership to start and end. This means that Formplus helps you carry out Date-Time related calculations such as subtracting, adding or multiplying, years, days to a DateTime field.

Use Time Fields With Formplus
Accept membership fees from registrants

Do you need applicants to pay fees via the membership registration form? Formplus allows you create excellent forms that can receive payments online at the click of a button. The membership registration forms with payments also adhere to the strictest security standards, including PCI compliance, giving that seal of assurance that your business is legitimate and genuine for financial transaction . With our PayPal and Stripe integration, you collect such fees easily and safely, from anywhere in the US, UK, Europe and Asia or anywhere in the world.

Enable Payment Forms Now
Responses can now be stored in a central database

Formplus gives you unlimited storage where you can store the responses and files with ease and at no extra cost. If you will like to integrate your forms with other cloud storage platforms, you can choose any of our integrations including: OneDrive, Google Drive or Dropbox. You only have to choose the preferred storage platform and all information received on the membership registration is fed into it.

Use Formplus Cloud Storage

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