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Free Membership Cancellation Form Template

Use this online membership cancellation form template to allow members can cancel their subscription with ease. This cancellation form template is perfect for non-profit organizations, clubs, gyms and general educational purposes. Reduce cancellation request burden by using the online cancellation form or signup to create your customised template with Formplus drag and drop form builder.

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Free Membership Cancellation Form Template template



Intro and Post-submission Message

An intro or post-submission message is the perfect persuasion tool that will make your members reconsider canceling their membership. You can leave a short message persuading the respondent not to terminate his or her membership.

This page could include the benefits of maintaining their membership with you, emphasizing what they and to lose by terminating their membership. Members who decide to go on regardless will be met with the post-submission message. 

This could include a message letting them know that they can still renew their membership, with a link to your membership registration form.

Teams and Collaborations

Handling your existing and past members can be made easier through proper collaboration among team members, which is why Formplus has teamwork enabling features. With this feature, you can add team members to your Formplus account and delegate tasks among them.

Date - Time Validation

Take note of the date and time when the membership was canceled using the date-time validation. Subtracting the membership subscription date from the date of cancellation will help you determine whether the cancellation was made after, on, or before membership expiration. 

If you provide refunds, this information will help you determine if the member is eligible for one or not. Also, if the cancellation was made after membership expiration, the respondent will have to pay you for the extra days.

Autoresponder Emails and Notification to others

Inform former members on the status t their membership cancelation request has been received and accepted with autoresponder emails. This saves you the stress of manually sending a confirmation email to each respondent. 

You can customize your autoresponder emails to contain a persuasive message encouraging former members to re-subscribe. Besides the autoresponder emails to respondents, you can also send notifications to your team members immediately any membership is canceled.

This will enable your sales or customer service team to follow-up on the member with a call or email regarding the reason for the cancellation.

Analytics and Reporting

Decrease membership cancellation rates with real-time data analytics and reporting. You can find out why members are canceling their membership subscription with the automated data analysis and reports.

The reports give you details and a summary of the responses received through the membership cancelation form. For example, if the report shows that most of the members are canceling their membership due to the price, then you may consider making the membership subscription free or the price more affordable

Document Merge

Create a uniform identity for brands across all platforms using the document merge feature. It is an easy way to add your logo and other brand identity elements to the responses received on your membership cancellation form.  

This can be done by downloading your existing membership cancellation form from the Formplus form builder, then adding your brand identity to the document. Upload your edited document back into the builder, and there you have it.

Conditional Logic

Create smarter forms using the conditional logic feature provided by Formplus. Tailor your membership cancellation form to meet the requirements of each member.

For example, a member might want to cancel an existing membership and subscribe to a higher membership plan. You can determine the member's intent by asking using the dynamic Formplus form fields.

Depending on the member's response, you can show or hide specific form fields.


Validate member responses by looking up data from the data collected from your membership subscription form. The lookup field auto-populates the details submitted by members during the time of subscription into the membership cancellation form.

For example, when a respondent enters his or her name or email address, you can fetch the date and time of subscription and type of subscription. This fills in more accurate information as opposed to that of the respondent which may be inaccurate due to forgetfulness.

Google Sheet Integration

Keeping track of your former members is a good marketing practice and can help increase subscription rates on your membership plans. Using the Google Sheets integration, keeping track of membership cancelation just got easier. 

The details of each cancellation are directly updated into your spreadsheet in real-time. By eliminating data importation and exploitation, you are able to save time, and manpower incurred due to manpower requirements. 

With easy access to this data, you can make further research into the rate of cancellation and the reasons behind each cancellation

Mobile Friendly

The Membership cancellation process can be stressful, but  with this mobile-friendly membership cancellation form template. Take the stress off your neck with a cancellation form that is easy to fill for your mobile subscribers. 

This Formplus template is compatible with any internet-enabled device and is also very user friendly. The mobile-friendliness of these forms is not limited to your subscribers alone, as you can also create a membership cancellation form on-the-go with your mobile phone.

Form Customization

Customizing your membership cancelation form leaves a good impression on your subscribers, which is what Formplus allows you to do. 

It is more likely for a respondent to reconsider canceling his or her membership with a beautiful form than an ordinary membership cancelation form. Formplus even gives you more freedom and flexibility with the CSS feature that allows you to add your custom CSS codes.

User Redirect

The user-redirect is one of your last chances at convincing your ex-members to renew their membership with you. This comes into use after members finally cancel their membership.

You can redirect them to your website, blog, social media pages, or any other page that showcase the quality content, product, or service you have to offer. It may give them a change of heart and eventually make them renew their membership.

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