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Free Maternity Leave Application Form Template

Manage maternity leave applications from your pregnant female employees using this maternity leave application form template. This maternity leave application form makes it easy for female employees to inform their employers about the expected date of delivery, date of leave commencement and date of resumption. With this form, your organization will be able to swiftly collect and process leave applications from employees without any delay. Also, you can adequately prepare for any challenges that may arise as a result of an employee's absence from work.

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Free Maternity Leave Application Form Template template

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Conditional Logic

Conditional logic enables you to create smarter and more precise maternity leave application forms by displaying only relevant fields to form respondents. This feature allows you to show or hide form fields based on already inputted responses in the form. 

Conditional logic allows you to improve the overall user experience of form respondents while improving on the quality of responses collected through your form.

Teams and Collaboration for Administrative Purposes

With Formplus, you can add heads of departments to a shared account and work on your maternity leave application form and form responses together. The teams and collaboration feature allows you to add multiple users as important collaborators to your form. 

Furthermore, this feature works with an audit trail that enables you to track and comment on changes made to your maternity leave application form. You can also set form permissions, assign roles, grant or restrict access to form responses and folders.

Form Field

Formplus has more than 30 form fields that can help you gather diverse data from form respondents. These fields can be added to your form by simply clicking on them or by dragging and dropping them into your form from the builder's inputs section. 

In addition to this, you can modify your fields to be hidden or read only in line with your organization's data gathering guidelines. You can also place your form fields within a row or form a grid-like structure in your form via the table field. 

Autoresponder Emails

You can configure your maternity leave application form so that your female employees receive email confirmations after they fill out and submit your form. The autoresponder email feature allows you to automatically send custom messages to form respondents upon the successful submission of your form. 

You can customize your auto-response to include feedback information or any other steps to be taken by the maternity leave applicant. You can also include a copy of the submitted maternity leave application form in the email for future purposes.

Google Sheets Integration

The Google sheets integration allows you to sync form responses with Google sheets so that you can automatically update form submissions in your spreadsheet without importing or exporting data. 

This feature allows you to easily share, organize, process and manage form responses with your team members. You can also add team members and shareholders to your form responses spreadsheet so that they can track when new form submissions occur. 

Notification to Others

Inform important collaborators about maternity leave application form submissions immediately these submissions are turned in. With custom email notifications, you can instantly send out form data as soon as you receive them as PDF or Word attachments in emails. 

You can schedule how often collaborators receive your form response data. The email notification feature allows you to set form response notifications frequency so that received maternity leave applications are sent out as daily, weekly or monthly reports to team members.

Tips for Using the Maternity Leave Application Form

Receive maternity leave notifications from your employees with this sample template. Start by redesigning this form to better suit your institution’s needs. For example, you can edit the form fields to take out questions, add more whenever you need or even turn it into a paternity leave application form. You can also switch up the design by adding your brand logo, colors and so much more to the form customization section.

Embed this form on your website or share it via an email invitation. You can always nudge your employees to fill out this form with the email reminder feature on the settings page. There, you can also turn on notifications to get immediately notified when someone fills out this form. Invite members of your team to review and approve the request with you directly on your Formplus account. Finally, you can choose to integrate your account with any employee management tool you use for further references and management. Do this with the easy Zapier integration.

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