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Masturbation Survey Template

The masturbation survey can be used by researchers and private individuals to research or study individuals’ sexual and masturbation patterns. With this form, individuals can fill out their gender, reasons for masturbation, and so on. This survey can be personalised to suit desired feedback. Get started with this template today.

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Masturbation Survey Template template

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Masturbation Survey Template

What is a Masturbation Survey:

A masturbation survey is a series of questions aimed at collecting data on individual experiences and perspectives regarding masturbation. It may cover a range of subtopics, such as cultural, societal, or religious perspectives about masturbation.

Why Do Researchers Carry Out a Masturbation Survey:

The why behind masturbation research is for researchers to understand the reasons, triggers, and rivers of this practice. They want to gain insight into the perspectives of individuals who have practiced masturbation, if they still do, and how they overcome the desire or interest in masturbation.

Some researchers may also seek to understand the cultural and societal perspectives of individuals from different demographic groups bout masturbation.

Some surveys may aim to evaluate the relationship between masturbation and physical or mental health, providing insights into the pros and cons of their practice. 

How to Create a Masturbation Survey?

  • Clearly outline the research objectives, specifying the information you aim to gather and the insights you hope to gain from the survey.
  • Once you have defined that sign up to Fromplus to gain access to our free masturbation survey template from the form library.
  • Use the drag-and-drop form builder to include various question types, like Likert scales open-ended questions and multiple choice questions, to allow various expressions of response.
  • Ensure anonymity by not including any section for personal information to encourage truthful responses.
  • Share the form masturbation survey with respondents via email link, a QR code,e or by embedding it on our website or referred online channel.

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