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Manuscript Submission Form Template

Use this online manuscript submission form template to allow authors upload and send their manuscript to you for review. With our premium features like; team collaborations, file uploads, data storage, etc., this manuscript form submission template is perfect for publishers, authors and editors. Sign up to get started now

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Manuscript Submission Form Template template

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Manuscript Submission Form

What is a Manuscript Submission Form

A manuscript submission form is a structured document that authors use to submit their written works, such as articles or books, for review and potential publication. It's a way to collect necessary information about the manuscript and its authors.

What Does a Manuscript Submission Look Like

A manuscript submission typically looks like a well-organized document with all the necessary details filled out. It includes information about the manuscript itself, such as the title, abstract, and keywords, as well as details about the authors. The submission may be in the form of a physical document, an email, or an online form, depending on the preferences of the publisher or journal.

What Is the Manuscript Submission Process

The manuscript submission process involves several steps, including:

Manuscript preparation: authors fill out the submission form to submit to the publisher, either in person or online.

Manuscript Review: The publisher or editor reviews the submission, possibly sending it for peer review. 

Acceptance/Rejection: After evaluation, a decision is made regarding acceptance, revision, or rejection. The entire process aims to ensure the quality and suitability of the manuscript for publication, so not all manuscripts will be accepted.

How Do You Write a Manuscript Submission Form for Authors?

The Formplus manuscript submission form template is a great tool for quickly and easily collecting an author’s manuscript. It collects all the information you need to collect from authors and about their manuscripts.

Here’s a step-by-step guide to customizing the form:

  1. Go to the Formplus Manuscript Submission Form template.
  2. Sign in to your Formplus account or create a new one
  3. You can edit or add new form questions to collect more information about the author and their work
  4. Customize your form design by changing its fonts, colors, and layout. You can also add your institution/company logo.
  5. Share your form with authors by embedding it on your website. You can also share it on social media, via email or QR code.

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