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Manpower Requisition Form Template

The manpower requisition form is designed to help departmental heads and supervisors request for manpower for a new or existing project in the company. With this form, you can collate relevant information such as number of candidates required, qualifications and skills required and so on. Make it easy for your employees to request for manpower. Get started with this form today.

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Manpower Requisition Form Template template

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Manpower Requisition Form Template

What is a manpower requisition form?

A Man Power requisition form is a document designed to create structure in your hiring process. It highlights details on the need to hire, the role being hired for or r being filled, and the cost to the company. 

The details shared in the form help management decide if the spending is justified and needed. The Manpower requisition form is an integral part of the HR process in any standard organization and helps provide checks and balances in the recruitment cycle of any organization where it is adopted. 

What are the main Components of a Manpower Requisition Form?

Ideally, a standard manpower requisition form would feature the following sections;

  • The department from which the request is being made
  • The job role and requirements
  • The competencies required to fill the role
  • Justification for the request(Benefits to the organization)
  • The proposed or allocated budget for the role
  • The timeline required to fill the role
  • The name and signature of the requester
  • The approval section for the, approval name and signature

How do I Create a Manpower Requisition Form?

The first step to doing this is to identify the needs of your department or organization, the position required, and the relevant competencies that would make a good fit for the role.

Once that is clearly defined, you can sign up with Fomprlus to access the Manpower requisition form template from the template library.

Next, you edit the form to align with your unique requirements using the drag-and-drop form builder, which lets you add fields, and tailor the form to match your brand in terms of color, images, logo, fonts, and the like.

The advanced sharing feature r helps you share the form with relevant stakeholders irrespective of their geolocation and you can see their responses in real time. 

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