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Maintenance Request Form Template

Manage maintenance requests in your organization, from tenants or client with this online maintenance request form template. Embed this online form on your websites or send to client to request for your services with ease.

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Mobile-Friendly and Multi-Page Forms

To improve the overall presentation of your form, you can organize your maintenance request form into multiple pages to improve overall user-engagement.You can place one form field per page or group similar form fields on the same page. 

Formplus forms are also mobile-friendly which means they can be viewed and filled out conveniently on smartphones,tablets or any internet enabled mobile devices. You can create your maintenance request form from the comfort of your mobile device, by dragging and dropping form fields from the inputs section into your form.

Smart Forms

Formplus allows you to create smart forms with a variety of features including conditional logic, save and resume and form lookup. You can enable save and resume in your form to allow form respondents  save partially-completed forms for submission at a later date. 

Conditional logic allows you to improve the quality of form responses by showing only relevant fields to form respondents; based on already-provided responses. You can use lookup fields to automatically fill out form fields with data from previously submitted forms.

Custom Subdomain to Host Forms

You can host your maintenance request form on a custom subdomain which helps your respondents feel secure about filling out your form . Custom subdomains are typically easy to remember and you can also include the name of your organization in the custom URL.

Unique Submission-ID

Every new entry made in your maintenance has a unique submission ID which can be used in many ways. This unique ID can be used as a reservation number by the form respondent and you can also include it in your autoresponder emails

Form Customization

With Formplus, it is easy for you to modify the appearance of your form using the form customization options available in the form builder. Formplus has numerous form customization options that you can use to tweak the outlook of your maintenance form to reflect your organization's image. 

To make your form more professional, you can add your organization's logo to it and you can also add preferred background images to the maintenance request form. Formplus also allows you to change your form font - all without any knowledge of CSS. 

Form Fields

In the form builder, you can add numerous form fields to your maintenance request form. The Formplus form builder supports  a drag-and-drop feature which means you can drag preferred fields from the builder's inputs section into your form with ease. 

Formplus also allows you to modify form fields as hidden or read-only in line with the specific needs of your organization. Use the table field to create a grid-like structure in your form and also place form fields to form a row within your maintenance request form. 

Autoresponder Emails and Email Notification to others

After receiving a new submission in your maintenance request form, you can send an automatic confirmation email to the form respondents. Sending out autoresponder emails makes it easier for you to communicate with your team and in these emails, you can include useful information for the form respondent. 

You can also send out email notifications to your team members to keep them updated on your data collection process. You can schedule email notifications to be sent out on a weekly or daily basis, and you can also include a copy of the form submission in your email as a PDF or Docx attachment.

Tips For Using the Maintenance Request Form Template


Own a business, assets, or a facility and you want to ensure consistent seamless operations, with no downtime? If you answered yes to any of these, maintenance forms are the way to go, as they ensure that all necessary repairs, equipment servicing, building cleaning, and refurbishments are carried out periodically with proper documentation for effective management and tracking.

It helps you prevent damage and facilitate the smooth running of your organization. To make your job easier, we have an array of maintenance form templates, that you can just plug and play. 

Our maintenance forms can be edited to suit any unique specification. Best of all, you can share these forms across all your online platforms and with your employees as well in real-time and receive a notification once a maintenance activity is initiated. 

What Are Maintenance Forms?

Maintenance forms are documents used to manage maintainable activities, for vehicle equipment, apartments, and other assets that require periodic checks. These forms are used to record any activity conducted to ensure the smooth operation of these assets. With maintenance forms, you can have a central record of how your equipment or facility has been used, its current state, and the scheduled dates for subsequent maintenance.

What Types of Maintenance Forms are Available?

The most common types of maintenance forms are;

Inspection forms - These are used to record findings from periodic inspections conducted on assets to see if they operate flawlessly at their optimum capacity. They also help to track adherence to maintenance activity based on the manufacturer's specification, in other to prevent damages.

Repair forms - are used to keep a record of any repairs made, it documents faulty parts and the subsequent replacement. 

The list is endless, sign up with Formplus today to access our maintenance forms templates that can be tweaked to meet your needs.

How Do You Create a Maintenance Request Form Template?

Step 1- Open the maintenance request form template.

Step 2- Customize the form’s design to fit your institution e.g. colors, fonts, logos, and other branding assets.

Step 4- Choose your preferred form settings- submission notifications, deadline, reminders, and others.

Step 5- Share the form with relevant respondents.

How Do I Use Maintenance Forms Effectively?

To ensure the effective use of maintenance forms, effectively, you should carry out the following;

  • Create a maintenance schedule, to eliminate downtimes and help your equipment function at optimum capacity.
  • Document all maintenance activities properly, by recording what activity was carried out, who carried it out and at what time did the maintenance take place, lastly, remember to include the cost.
  • Assign responsibility for maintenance tasks and have it communicated clearly to the assigned teams. This ensures transparency and accountability.

What Are The Benefits Of Using Maintenance Forms?

Some of the benefits of using maintenance form include;

  • Elongating the shelf life of equipment or asset. Using any of our free and easy-to-use maintenance form templates eliminates downtimes and ensures seamless operations.
  • Consistent use of maintenance forms ensures that problems are identified and nipped in the bud long before they occur, thereby elongating the shelf life of the assets.


In conclusion, maintenance forms are important for companies to track and manage their assets effectively. The use of maintenance forms helps companies eliminate downtime, improve asset management, increase efficiency, and ensure safety.

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