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Mailing List Newsletter Signup Form Template

Customize this mailing list template and embed it on your website to quickly gather email addresses for your mailing list. Let your respondents receive confirmation emails after signing up to your list

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Mailing List Newsletter Signup Form Template template

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Embed forms and Social Sharing

Formplus allows you to easily embed your mailing list form in your organization's website by adding the form's shortcode to your site's HTML. Embedding your form on your website makes it possible for form respondents to access and fill it out; with little or no hassles. 

Formplus also offers numerous form sharing options including social media direct sharing buttons. You can also download and share your form's QR code with respondents so that they only need to scan the code to access and fill out the form.

Intro and Post-submission Message

Adding intro and post-submission messages to your form creates a better communication channel between you and the form respondents. In your intro page, you can include important information such as instructions for form respondents before they fill out the form. 

In the post-submission page, you can highlight important information about your organization including details about products and services. You can also leave a "thank you" note or any other custom final message that will be seen after a successful submission is made in your form

Document Merge

Use the document Merge feature in the form builder to create customized documents for individual form responses, and share these with your team members, other collaborators, and form respondents. This allows you to automatically create custom documents from form responses instead of doing this manually. 

You can send out these custom documents as email attachments in Docx or PDF format. Read this support article to find out more about the document Merge feature on Formplus.

Google Sheets Integration

Google sheets integration in Formplus allows you to automatically update form responses in your spreadsheet without importing or exporting data. This makes it easier for you to keep your team members updated on form responses, and to collaborate with stakeholders on form data, responses, and folders.

User Redirect

After a form respondent makes a successful entry in your form, you can automatically redirect them to another page or form. Simply insert the URL of the page or form you want to immediately redirect form respondents to send them to the page after submission. 

The redirect after submissions option allows you to introduce the form respondent to other products or services offered by your organization. You can also redirect your mailing list subscribers to another form which you would like them to view and fill out.

Autoresponder Emails and Notification to Others

Confirm receipt of new subscriptions in your mail listing form by sending out autoresponder emails. In the autoresponder email, you can include a copy of the form submission as a Word or PDF attachment so that form respondents can always have access to it. 

Autoresponder messages help you to easily communicate important information about your organization, products, and services. Formplus also allows you to send email notifications to other stakeholders to inform them of new form submissions and keep them updated on your data collection process.

Mailing List Newsletter Signup Form Template

How do I start a newsletter mailing list?

The first step to doing this is inviting customers who have purchased a product to sign up to receive your newsletter and inviting visitors to your site to sign up to receive the latest information on new products, discounts, etc. By doing this you can grow your newletr mailing list in no time.

How do I create a newsletter signup form?

Formplus offers a mailing list newsletter signup form that can be customized to accommodate your unique specifications, with the code-free drag-and-drop form builder. This way you can add fields, change layout, fonts, and color, add a brand logo, a call to action, and a lot more. 

The form integrates seamlessly with other third-party applications, and you have the option of embedding it on your website and sharing it via a QR code or an email link.

How do I get people to subscribe to my email newsletter?

Offer real value, by curating content that is essential and valuable to your target audience. Ensure that your offering is clearly outlined in your call-to-sign-up message, so people can see how much value they'll be getting if they come on board.

You can also offer discount incentives and gifts for new subscribers and use brand influencers to get your target audience to subscribe to your newsletter mailing list.

Where do I put my newsletter signup form?

Strategic locations like your pop-ups on your website, your social media channels, links on pages, and blogs where your target audience frequents are a few places you could put your newsletter sign-up form.

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