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Magazine Subscription Form Template

New and returning subscribers can subscribe for your magazine with this magazine subscription form. With this form, subscribers can fill out their contact details, preferred subscription package, and so on. This form can be personalised by including your brand logo and colours. Use this subscription form to allow clients subscribe for your magazines.

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Magazine subscription forms are used by publishers to collect details of clients who enjoy their contact and want to receive copies of a magazine consistently over some time.

Let's discuss the magazine subscription form briefly and see how to create one quickly with Formplus. The Formplus magazine subscription form allows you to collect information, about your customers, their preferred subscription package, and lots more.

What is a Magazine Subscription?

A magazine subscription is a process where people can receive copies of their preferred magazine regularly over a specified period usually at a cost. Subscribers enjoy the convenience of either doorstep delivery or online delivery of their favorite magazines without breaking a sweat. A magazine subscription usually comes with benefits like reduced costs due to the consistency of the order, especially when the payment for the magazines are received upfront, They get discounts, freebies, and other benefit depending on the publishers.

How Can I Create a Magazine Subscription Form?

To create a magazine subscription form, use the following steps.

Step 1: Sign up with Formplus, this gives you access to the magazine subscription template form.

Step 2: Customize the form to suit your subscription information/requirement. You can add fields to align the form with your brand elements using the code-free drag-and-drop form builder.

Step 3: Set up your payment integration option using various payment gateway options, like Stripe, Paypal, etc. This allows you to receive payment for a subscription via the form directly to your bank account.

Step 4: Share the form using any of the advanced form-sharing options, like email link sharing, QR codes, or embedding the form on your website.

Step 5: Set up notifications and receive alerts via your preferred channel once a new subscriber signs on.

What is a Print Magazine Subscription?

Print magazine subscriptions imply you get a physical copy of the magazine delivered to your address instead of a digital copy that can be accessed online on the go irrespective of where you are located.

What is a Monthly Magazine Called?

Magazines are popularly called periodicals, as they are published at fixed intervals—periodically—such as weekly, monthly, or quarterly.


Digital or Print Magazine subscriptions are a convenient way to keep up with your favorite content across any niche, from fashion to food, politics, or current affairs. Fromplus magazine subscription forms help you ensure your clients never miss a copy once they are subscribed to your magazine. Sign up here to customize your magazine subscription form.

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