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Location Release Form Template

The location release form is a standard document that is used by property owners to grant filmmakers permission to film a project on a specific property. This document contains the name of parties, the description of the shoot, location, and so on. This release form can be customised to suit your desired feedback. Get started with this template today.

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Location Release Form Template template

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Location Release Form Template

What is a Location Release Form

The location release form is like a special pass for filmmakers. It's a form that permits filmmakers to shoot their projects in a specific location.

Questions to Ask in a Location Release Form

A location release form makes sure everyone involved in a film shoot is on the same page. The form typically asks questions about who is involved, what the shoot is about, and where it will take place.

The Formplus location release form template has all the important questions to ensure property owners can legally give their permission to use their property. It also makes sure property owners know exactly what their rights are and how filmmakers can make use of their property.

How Do I Create a Location Release Form

The Formplus location release form template allows property owners to legally permit you to use their property. Here’s a step-by-step guide to using the form:

  1. Go to the Formplus Location Release Form template.
  2. Sign in to your Formplus account or create a new one
  3. Edit or add new form questions to reflect the terms of the location release.
  4. Customize your form design by changing its fonts, colors, and layout. 
  5. Share your form with property owners via email, QR code, or social media, or embed it on a webpage.

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