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Free Library Membership Form Template

Do you want to accept membership applications for your public or private library? Embed this online library membership form template on your website to allow resident register to use your library. Collect all necessary personal and referral information online and manage all library data with this online library membership form template.

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Free Library Membership Form Template template

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Google Sheets Integration

Formplus allows you to automatically update new form submissions to  your Google spreadsheet,  this makes it easier for you to share form data with your colleagues. With Google sheets integration, you can immediately update form responses in Google sheets without having to import or export data. 

Google sheets integration helps you seamlessly organize, edit and process form responses while providing your team with up-to-date information about your data collection process. You can add team members and other important stakeholders to your spreadsheet and collaborate on form responses.

File Uploads and Storage Integrations

Formplus forms can be fitted with different file upload fields that enable you to receive files directly through  your library membership form. This means that form respondents can submit files of any type and size through  your library form .

All file uploads are received and saved in your preferred external cloud storage. Formplus is integrated with OneDrive, Google Drive and Dropbox so that you can easily organize and share file uploads with your team members in your preferred cloud storage

Custom Subdomain to Host Forms

Formplus allows you to create a simple, custom subdomain for your library membership form and share it with form respondents. Custom URLs are easy to remember and they usually contain your brand's name; thus, helping to promote your organization and build your brand image.

Form Fields

There are over 30 fields available in the form builder which allow you to collect different types of information in your library membership form. The form builder works with a drag-and-drop feature that allows you to easily add preferred fields to your form. 

Formplus allows you to easily modify form fields after adding them to your form; you can make fields hidden or read-only. You can also add a grid to your form using the table field or arrange form fields in a row so that respondents can add rows as they fill out your form.

Conditional Logic and Multi-Page Forms

You can split your library membership template form into multiple pages to accommodate as many form fields as you need. Avoid clusters in your form by placing similar fields on a single page or placing one form field per page. 

With conditional logic, you can hide or show form fields based on the responses provided by form respondents. This means form respondents only have to view and fill out relevant form fields hence; reducing the time spent in completing your library membership form.

Embed Forms and Multiple Sharing

Embed your library membership form on  your institution's website to allow form respondents access it easily.You can also embed the form using the Formplus plug-in on WordPress which can be added through a widget 

Formplus allows you to send your form as email invitations to your form respondents. You can also share your form as a QR code or use the social media direct sharing buttons to easily add your form to your institution's social media pages.

Tips for Using the Library Membership Form Template

Conduct your library registrations online with this sample membership form. Modify the form fields with the easy drag and drop builder to collect the information you really need. For example, if you’re creating a library membership form for students, you’d want to know their class, school ID, and name. Once you’ve completed the form fields, move on to the form design by adding your logo, preferred color, layout, and style on the customize page. 

Embed this membership form directly on your website for easier access by using the code snippet generated on the share page. Get notified when you get new registrations by setting up email notifications. We also recommend designing an auto-responder email to give feedback once respondents click on submit. Invite members of your foundation to review registrations with you by adding them as a team member on your Formplus account

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