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Liability Waiver Form Template

A liability waiver is a standard legal document between two parties- the releasee and the releasor. The releasor while participating in an activity agrees not to sue and alienate any of form of liability on the releasee ‘s part. This legal form can be used be by organisations to release them from third party claims. This form can be tailored to suit your desired purpose by editing it and including the laws of your state. Get started with this template today.

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Liability Waiver Form Template

What Is a Liability Waiver Form:

A liability waiver form is a document releasing an individual or organization from any obligations, damages, claims, or lawsuits emanating from injuries harm, or theft that may occur during a specific event. By appending your signature to a liable waiver form, it means that you understand and acknowledge the associated risks involved in participating in an event and you would not hold the organizers or conveners responsible in the case of any potential harm. 

What Is the Purpose of a Liability Waiver Form:

  • Inform participants of the risk associated with an activity or an event so they can take the necessary steps to shield and protect themselves.
  • Limit the liability on the part of the organizer by getting voluntary agreements for participants that they will do all they can to avoid any harm, especially if they will have themselves responsible for any associated cost by not adhering to instructions.
  • To protect yourself or the organization from any legal claims or lawsuits that could occur from unforeseen circumstances.
  • To establish that the participants have been fully educated and informed of the potential risk involved when participating in an event or activity.

Who Signs a Waiver of Liability:

Individuals who participate in activities or events that involve inherent risks often sign a waiver of liability. This can include participants in sports, recreational activities, fitness classes, events, or any situation where there is a potential for injury or harm. Sometimes, parents or legal guardians may sign on behalf of minors.

How Do You Write a Simple Liability Waiver:

First, you clearly define and identify the parties involved.

Next, you provide a detailed activity of the event, while highlighting the potential risks.

Affirm the participant's awareness of the risks involved.

Include sections for parental consent and get the signature and dates from the participants.

How to Create a Liability Waiver Form

  • Sign up or log in to Formplus to access the wide array of form templates from the templates library.
  • Type liability waiver form in the search bar and select liability waiver form
  • Use the code-free drag-and-drop formbuilder to tweak the form template to suit your specifications. You can add or include fields and tailor the form to align with your brand elements interim of color, logo, layout, and much more.
  • Include a section to collect signatures and date with the electronic signature feature.
  • Share the form with appropriate users via any of the advanced sharing options, like the QR codes, or email links, or by simply embedding the form on your website.

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