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Leave Request Form Template

The leave request form helps employees to communicate their intentions to take time off work to their employer. This form allows your employees to request some time off from the employer in advance. Use this free template to streamline the leave request process in your company and also make replacement preparation if necessary.

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Leave Request Form Template template

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Leave Request Form Template

If you are eligible for leave but don't know how to write a proper leave request, then leave request forms like this are for you.

In every leave request form, there are certain types of information that cannot be left out.

All required fields have already been configured for example, employers will always need details like:

Employee name or ID, Employee's department, reason for Employee's leave request, Start and end date of employees leave/time off, and anticipated date of return.

With Formplus leave request templates, you can not just request for leave, but the request is automatically sent to the emails of your employer.

The leave requests for many employees can also be exported to google sheets to create a log of time off requests that are easily tracked. If physical copies are needed, this leave request template can be converted to a pdf and printed out.

Leave requests can also be managed using calendar integrations or HR & accounting applications like Breezy and QuickBooks. 

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