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Landlord Inventory Form Template

The landlord inventory is a form that is used to document the list of items in a property that is referred to before and after a tenancy. This form can be used to document the location of the property, furniture, fixtures, and other miscellaneous items in the property. This inventory form can be personalised by using Formplus simple editing tool. Get started with this template today.

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Landlord Inventory Form Template template

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Landlord Inventory Form Template

What is the Inventory of a Furnished Property:

The inventory of a furnished property includes a detailed list and description of all furnishings, appliances, and other items provided by the landlord. This may encompass furniture, kitchen appliances, beds, sofas, and any other items that come with the rental property. Each item is typically recorded along with its condition at the beginning of the tenancy.

How to Create a Landlord Inventory Form:

  • Header and Property Details:
  • Include the property address, landlord's name, tenant's name, and the date of the inventory.
  • Room-by-Room Checklist:
  • Create a checklist for each room, including details about walls, floors, ceilings, windows, and any fixtures.
  • Furniture and Appliances List:
  • List all furnishings, appliances, and items provided with the property. Include details such as color, size, and condition.
  • Photograph or Video Section:
  • Dedicate a section for photographs or videos, with space to attach or link images to the form.
  • Condition Ratings:
  • Use a rating system (e.g., excellent, good, fair, poor) to assess and document the condition of each item.
  • Tenant Signatures:
  • Include spaces for both the landlord and tenant to sign and date the inventory, acknowledging that they have reviewed and agreed to its contents.

Purpose of a Landlord Inventory Form:

The main purposes of a Landlord Inventory Form are:

  • Dispute Prevention: To prevent disputes between landlords and tenants by providing a clear record of the property's condition at the start of the tenancy.
  • Documentation: To serve as official documentation for the state of the property, including its contents and condition, protecting both parties in case of disagreements.
  • Move-In and Move-Out Inspections: To guide move-in and move-out inspections, allowing landlords and tenants to assess any changes to the property and agree on necessary actions.

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