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Investigation Request Form Template

With this investigation request form, customers can report credit disputes and request an investigation. Customers can fill out their contact, financial details, and details of the credit dispute. You can share this form with customers whenever they report a dispute or embed it on your website so that it can be easily accessible to all customers.

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Both individuals and organizations use investigation request templates to dispute errors or report incidents. It helps the requestors clarify the reasons for the disputes, allowing the organization they submit their request to resolve the complaints quickly.

Find out more about investigation request forms, their benefits, and how to create one with Formplus in this guide.

What Are Investigation Request Forms?

Investigation request forms are documents that are used to formally request an investigation into a specific incident or issue. Organizations such as schools and businesses and their customers use investigation request forms to collect and provide information about allegations, incidents, or complaints.

You can use investigation request forms for various use cases, including workplace harassment or discrimination, academic misconduct, fraud, theft, credit disputes, and others.

Typically, investigation request forms require the person requesting to provide detailed information about the incident. For example, if a customer requests an investigation into a credit dispute, they must submit the date, time, account number, government-issued ID, and e-signature to ensure the investigation is legally compliant.

How to Create Investigation Request Forms

  1. Visit the Formplus template library, and select “Investigation Request Template
  2. Edit the form by changing questions to fit the specific incident.
  3. Save the form
  4. Click “customize” to add your branding assets such as logo, colors, and fonts
  5. Set up notifications, form privacy, reminders, and other settings using Settings
  6. Choose how you want to share the form- website embed, QR Code, form link, emails, or social media.
  7. Keep track of responses with responses and analytics

Benefits of Investigation Request Form Templates

  • Efficiency

Investigation request templates are pre-designed documents that allow you to investigate incidents quickly. This allows you to resolve disputes quickly, protect your brand's reputation, and provide customers with a smooth investigation process.

  • Consistency and Clarity

Using templates ensures that all investigation requests are consistent, allowing the person handling the investigation to quickly understand the format and content and resolve issues. 

It also clarifies the investigation request by including fields for requestors to explicitly describe the issue.

  • Legal Compliance

Using investigation requests ensures that all requests are legally compliant by including all necessary information and adhering to best practices for investigating complaints and incidents.


Using investigation request templates streamlines the process, ensures it is legally compliant, and provides requestors with a pleasant user experience. It also helps companies in collecting quality information from the requestor, which speeds up the investigation process.

Collect investigation requests effortlessly and give your customers a positive impression of your company with the Formplus investigation request form template.

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