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Free Interview Evaluation Form Template

Choose the best candidate with ease from a large hiring pool with the help of this interview evaluation form. With this form, employers and recruiters can evaluate applicants' skills, experience, job fit, and so on. The feedback gotten from this evaluation form will help you determine whether they are a good fit and addition to the company. Streamline your hiring process with this free template.

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Free Interview Evaluation Form Template template



Seamless File Uploads

With the file uploads feature, you can directly receive files of any size directly in your interview evaluation form; including CVs, cover letters and images. Formplus allows you to embed file upload fields into your form directly in the form builder.

You can also name the files received by selecting specific form fields that can be used to rename files. With this, you can easily segment and handle files collected via your forms in your external cloud storage using the file names.

Easy-to-use Drag and Drop Form Builder

With Formplus, it is really easy for you to create your online interview form template in minutes in the drag-and-drop form builder; without any technical knowledge. All you need to do is click on your preferred form fields or drag and drop them into the form builder to add them to your interview form.

Export Data

The Google sheets integration feature allows you to directly sync interview evaluation form responses with Google sheets. This feature makes it easy to collaborate on documents and keep your team members up-to-date by updating the spreadsheet with submitted form responses automatically. 

With this feature, you can easily update your spreadsheet without directly importing or exporting data from your interview form. You can also collaborate with your team members easily by sharing and editing form data easily.

Secure File Storage

The last thing any organization needs is to go through the entire recruitment process and end up losing the files containing the candidates' evaluation due to insecure file storage systems. This is why Formplus provides secure file storage options for you so that your data stays safe at all times. 

With Formplus, you enjoy dynamic file storage options; whether in our secure server or in any external cloud storage system of your choice including Google Drive, Dropbox or OneDrive

Offline Forms

With the offline form feature, poor or no internet connection is no longer a reason to stall your interview process. The offline feature allows your hiring team to fill and submit feedback on a candidate's performance; even when they do not have access to the internet. 

All offline submissions are automatically synced with our servers when the internet connectivity is restored.


The digital signature feature allows you to collect e-signatures directly in your interview form. Add the e-signature form field to your form using the drag and drop feature in the form builder to receive digital signatures from your form respondents. 

This feature allows members of the hiring team to formally authorize evaluations provided for candidates during the interview process. All received digital signatures will appear as images in your cloud storage once they are submitted, and you can organize them into designated folders

Private Forms

Formplus allows you to share your form privately with your team members by adding them as collaborators in your shared Formplus account. With private forms, you can restrict access to your interview form by controlling who can view and make submissions in your form. 

When you make your interview form private, prospective form respondents will have to request access from you before they can view or fill out your form. Private forms help you to prevent data breaches; especially when your form contains sensitive information.

Email Confirmation & Invitation

When a successful submission is made in your form, you can send an automatic confirmation email to the form respondent. You can also include a copy of the submitted form in the email as an attachment or highlight any other important information with regards to your interview process. 

You can also prevent multiple submissions in your form by sending out email invitations to form respondents. This way, you can track form submissions so that once a person fills out and submits your form, you can prevent them from having any further access to it. 

Multiple Form Fields Options

Formplus has over 30 dynamic form fields that allow you to collect different information from candidates; ranging from bio-data information to file uploads. This means that you can now gather all the information you need to make an objective hiring decision in little or no time. 

You can list different hiring criteria and input the rating option, radio option or checklist to enable the hiring manager to choose the appropriate criteria for candidates. You can also use the heading field to break your interview evaluation form into different sections in line with your hiring process.

Shareable and Embeddable Forms

You can share your interview evaluation form with specific team members via personalized email invites. You can track pending submissions, note those who are yet to submit the form, and even close your interview evaluation form once you have received all the responses you need.

You can also embed your form into your website or social media pages through direct social media sharing buttons. Formplus also has a WordPress plugin that enables you to add your interview evaluation form to your website pages through a widget.

Customizable Interview Form Template

Make your interview evaluation form even more dynamic with the range of customization features in the form builder. You can personalize this interview form template by changing its overall outlook in line with your organization's brand. 

 Change the form's background image, color themes and add your organization's logo. You can also go further to modify pre-built interview evaluation form templates by changing the form's font, form layout and other styling options.

Teams and Multi Users

It typically takes more than one person to make an objective hiring decision. This is why Formplus offers a multiple users feature that allows you to add important collaborators and team members to a shared account where you can work on data collection and data analysis for your interview form. 

The multiple users' feature has an audit trail that enables you to track changes and suggestions by team members, and you can restrict file access and grant permissions.

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