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Internet Banking Form Template

The Internet banking form is designed to allow customers to register for their online banking services. With this form, customers can fill out their contact details, account details, preferred services, and so on. You can also store customer's information in our secure cloud storage to avoid third-party access. Get started with this template by using it as a standalone form or by embedding it on your website for easy accessibility.

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Ease is the new norm for any customer-centric organization. Whether it's a master card application form, a bank transfer form, or an account opening form, financial institutions like banks need a smart and stress-free way of providing and managing application forms. 

Formplus's customizable online banking form templates are suitable for financial institutions globally. You can choose from any of our code-free banking forms templates which can be tweaked to include other fields based on the information you are trying to collect.

These forms can be accessed and filled in in real-time by your customers globally irrespective of their location.

Whether you are an established bank or a newbie in the banking sector, you can get a head start in form creation with any of the online banking templates. Try one of our free online banking form templates today!

What are the Forms Used in Banks?

The kind of forms used in banks vary depending on the customer, and the services the banks provide. However, there are some general forms used in every bank globally and they include;

  • Account opening form
  • Withdrawal form
  • Creditcard application form
  • Loan application form
  • Know Your Customer form
  • Funds Transfer form
  • Identity verification form
  • Statement request form

What is the Meaning of Form A in Banking?

Form A is an application form designed by the Central Bank of Nigeria to facilitate payment for transactions popularly known as invisible trade, that allows customers to make payments for services in foreign countries. The service Form A covers include school fees, Loan servicing, Technical fees, etc. 

What is a Bank Details Form?

A bank details form refers to a document highlighting the details of a bank that would receive payment for an approved or completed transaction.

What is a Bank Security Form?

It is a document that secures the amount a contributor to the bank would receive at the maturity of their contributory deposit. The amount specified in a bank security form includes the amount contributed, which is the principal and the interest accrued, as well as the date of maturity when the fund would be paid. 


Our banking form templates are ideal for banks and other financial service institutions. With our form templates, you can improve your banking operations process and ultimately your customer experience. So instead of long queues and endless paperwork, customers can make their requests and fill their applications for wherever they are and you as a bank still get to process their applications in real-time once it is submitted. Sign up with Formplus today to get started with your forms for banking templates.

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