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Internal Requisition Form Template

An internal requisition form is used by a supervisor or head of department to request for a specific product or goods within a department. With this requisition form, supervisors can list out the required goods, expected date of delivery and so on. This easy-to-use template can be customized to suit your company needs and style. Get started with this template today.

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Tips For Using the Internal Requisition Form Template

Have you ever wondered how medium or large organizations frictionlessly manage the flow of products or services within their organizations? They use internal requisition forms.

Internal requisitions are used in a variety of industries, but they are most common in manufacturing, healthcare, and retail. They help effectively manage product flow within an organization, reduce waste, speed up delivery, and lower costs.

Read this article to learn more about internal requisition forms and how to create them.

What Is an Internal Requisition Form?

An internal requisition form is a document used by businesses to request products or services within the organization. They help track the flow of products or services within an organization.

Internal requisition forms are filled out by the department that requires the product or service and authorized by the department that received the internal requisition form. It typically includes the product or service specifications, quantity, delivery or completion date, and other relevant data.

What Is the Difference Between Internal Requisition and Purchase Requisition?

Yes, internal requisition and purchase requisition forms are both used to request goods or services within an organization, but they are not the same.

An internal requisition is a document used within a company to request products or services from another department within the same company. It helps manage the flow of products or services within the organization by tracking, authorizing, and fulfilling requests effectively.

Internal requisition forms request products or services that are already available within the organizations. Purchase requisition forms, on the other hand, are documents used to request products or services from an external supplier.

A purchase requisition form is typically sent to the procurement department for review and processing; it kicks off the purchasing process. As a result, purchase requisition forms are also known as purchase order forms.

How Do You Do a Requisition Form?

Here’s a step-by-step guide to help you create an internal requisition form with Formplus in minutes:

  1. Go to Formplus internal requisition template, click “use this template”
  2. Sign in to your Formplus account or create a new account if you don’t have one.
  3. Edit the form by adding new fields e.g. the number of requested products or services, the name of the requested goods, and others.
  4. Next, go to the bottom left of the builder, and click “intro page.” Adding this section allows you to explain the purpose of the request.
  5. After that, save the form.
  6. Next, customize the form’s design by changing its color, fonts, and more.
  7. Choose your preferred settings such as privacy, storage, notification, and more
  8. Share the form with the department using the form link, QR code, or email.


Internal requisition forms allow departments to request products and services from other departments within the same organization. It helps control and monitor the flow of products or services within the organization.

Get started with Formplus's internal requisition template to efficiently manage requests within your organization.

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