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Insurance Binder Form Template

The insurance binder form is a temporary agreement that serves as proof of insurance for a property between a client and an insurance company prior to the actual policy. This form can be used to state the description of the property, coverages, deductibles, basic conditions, include relevant laws of the state, and so on. Get started with this free template today.

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Insurance Binder Form Template template

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Insurance Binder Form Template

Many who see this template ask questions like: What is an insurance binder, What Is Included in a Binder or what's the difference between a Binder and a Certificate of Insurance.

An insurance binder (also called Insurance policy binder, Title binder, Interim binder, insurance card) is a temporary contract that guarantees the binder holder of full insurance coverage pending the formal issuance or a rejection of the insurance policy.

Not everyone needs an insurance binder, and this also brings up questions like;

who needs an insurance binder, or when will I need an insurance binder, If you are purchasing a new insurance policy, using a loan to finance your property, or purchasing a new home/car etc. then you will definitely need an insurance binder.

Note that an insurance binder will only last for about 30-90 days before it expires hence there's always need to follow up with your insurer until a formal insurance policy is issued. If you need an insurance binder from an insurer, or you are an insurer and need to collect binder details from multiple clients, then this insurance binder template will do the work for you. 

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