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Inset Evaluation Form Template

The Inset Evaluation form is an assessment tool that is used to gauge the efficiency of a training. With this form, trainees can express their opinions, satisfactions and/or dissatisfaction with the training program and make recommendations for future trainings. The feedback gotten can be used to improve the quality of other training programs. Get started with this evaluation form today

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Inset Evaluation Form Template template

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Inset Evaluation Form Template

What is Inset Evaluation:

Inset evaluation is the tool used to assess the educational training provided for teachers in service. It is used to measure the quality of learning and development interventions provided during inset sessions.

What Are Inset Evaluations Used For?

Inset evaluations serve various purposes, some of which include:

Measure Learning Outcomes

Help Identify areas of improvement in professional development programs

Enhance teaching practice by identifying strengths and areas for growth among educators.

How Do You Write an Inset Evaluation Form?

  • Sign up to Formplus to access the templates library with over 100 templates.
  • Select the inset evaluation form from the template list. Next, you customize the form with Formplus using the Kanban-style drag-and-drop form builder that allows you to make changes to the form. You can change the form layout, color, and fonts and even add your brand logo, The form builder also allows you to add or include fields, add a mix of question types from multiple choice questions to open-ended questions, to Likert scale for rating questions to capture participants' level of agreement or satisfaction with different aspects of the inset session.
  • Share the form with target users via an email link QR code or by embedding the form on your website.

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